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Concept of high school science department studies a method
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The classmate all round us is ourselves even, study does not try hard impossibly, but achievement is to go up not to go from beginning to end, although increasing study time ceaselessly, him hope can improve exam result, always be things go contrary to one's wishes. Why? Because your method has a problem.
The study of high school science department is the course that a lot of classmates feel intractable, the method is very much, but have the law but abide. Specific for, hold to two guiding principle namely, use 6 program. Fundamental policy: 1, accurate understanding. 2, not blind memory.
Specific plan: 1, do not remember core matter only, want one pace to have thorough study. Place of the image that should hold textbook correctly to go up, form, photo is denotive meaning. Turn content into graph or form with diagram method, reentry is arranged all right and understand. The process that science department study must describe intellectual dot and its trends to change mainly, phase (or period) characteristic. Can rise to change so numerous for brief, key the outstanding, effect that deepens memory.
2, the content that learns place contacts understanding with real life. Do everyday term and scientific diction each other quite, after understanding is arranged, remember again really.
3, after arranging experimental process, with the concept connection rises will understand. The experimental operation that watchs a teacher seriously sets an example, hold essentials of the purpose of every time experiment, essence, move that should note, operation, and nurturance writes an experiment to observe diarial is used to.
4, the explanation that uses study data understands a concept partly, arrange the outline of exercises collect the part to have memory as the center; Review at ordinary times, write down the subject that considers casually first orderly without giving thought to, it is a center with this next, to all around radiation, according to knowledge the correlation between uses a line or graph join rises map of the knowledge that finish, achieve memorial goal; Use the word that has special significance or special meaning to oneself to have memory.
5, the problem that does not know must be solved as soon as possible. Quiz to oneself first, clear up oneself specific someone else is consulted again after knowing which part. Affirm through solving a problem place learns notional content. Arrange the subject of err, make the mistake that understands to the concept does not understand and be brought about because of which, before taking an exam next time the key is reviewed. Not quite clear title checks textbook and study data to clear up. The order that become a problem should have fixed main principle, if be fundamental problem first, next medium problem, a bit difficult problem, difficult problem.
6, when time is fuller, what can be interested from oneself first like holiday is paragraphic begin stress study. Can use auxiliary material to search the place that does not know at ordinary times.
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