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How to improve your study result
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One, the time that has arranged you seriously. Above all the thing that you should want to do inside clear a week, establish timetable of a piece of work and rest next. Fill on the watch on those blame are beautiful cannot time, if have a meal, sleep, attend class, recreation. After arranging these time, make choice of is appropriate, fixed time is used at learning, must the time with enough put apart will finish be read normally and work after the class. Of course, study should not hold the full idle time on schedule of work and rest, must gives rest, put apart of hobby, recreation a few time, this are very important to learning. Schedule of a piece of work and rest is insoluble perhaps you all problems, but the time that it can allow your understanding how to rule your this a week, make you have enough time study and recreation thereby.
2, before study first prepare lessons before class. This is meant before you are serious devoted study, first the content that wants study fast once-over, of understanding study roughly content and structure, so that can understand in time,change study content with disappear. Of course, you should notice weight detailed slightly, in not quite important place you can spend little place time, be in important place, you are OK a little process of rein in learning.
3, make full use of classroom time. The student with study good result greatly profit from makes full use of on classroom time, this also is meant spend some of time less after the class. Want to cooperate a teacher in time on classroom, do good notes to help the content that he remembers the teacher is tuitional, especially important is to want actively to think independently, follow to go up the teacher's thinking.
4, study should have reasonable law. The note that makes on classroom you should be reviewed in time after the class, want to review the teacher's tuitional on classroom serious content not only, review those understanding that you still feel ambiguous even. If you insist to review note and textbook regularly, do a few relevant exercise in school work, you will surely understand these content deeplier, your memory also can keep longer. Review the exam result that improves you effectively regularly.
5, possible sentence, look for quiet, comfortable local study. Choose a certain place to make the part of your study, this are very important. It can be your cell study or classroom or library, but it must be comfortable, quiet and without interference. When you begin to learn, you should be preoccupied the homework at you, avoid by all means " be in in Cao battalion heart personally Chinese " .
6, establish correct exam to watch. At ordinary times the purpose of exam basically sees you master homework degree how, so you do not want practise fraud, and should treat it calmly. Probably, you have exam achievement 9 times to be like person meaning very much, but this nevers mind, should learn only solid, treat seriously, can take an examination of a good achievement to come certainly the next time. Pass test, can let you understand next study to need the place of diligent husband more, more conduce to you writing down the knowledge of new learning firmly.
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