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High school must study method and ability
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Teaching material of B, con. Appear more to what teaching material understands, master firmlier, efficiency rose naturally also.
C, arrange note.

D, read reference book. This is the good method of compensatory and extracurricular knowledge.

Filling leakage of E, fill a vacancy, the system masters intellectual structure.

F, loop is reviewed. Second is reviewed after reviewing armour, undertake reviewing again to armour after reviewing second, advance next... this kind of loop reviews interest at memory.

As a whole, scientific study method can generalize with following this ballad: Prepare lessons before class wants before the class, head of easy person of attend a lecture. Lukewarm reason just knows new, different meanings sees reason. Teach oneself new content, want to seek the key. Problem row comes out, attend a lecture has a cause. Attend a lecture wants absorption, discharge interference hard. Make note to the point, beat one's brains thinks more. The beard after the class is reviewed, recollect the first. See a book want thoughtful, digest fine mastication. Value feigned line of business, do not copy copy. Braid intellectual net, concise understand again.

3, development is intellective, increase capacity.

(1) develop observation. Observation is to master knowledge, produce the vital segment of academic be used to, also be the requirement of the grow into useful timber. Clever, hear and see wellnamely, receive hearing strong, eyesight is strong, solid show observation is strong, master scientific observation method, want A, clear purpose and careful plan hill, agile application all sorts of observation laws, if repeat observation, quite observation, fixed observation, wait with the observation that ponders over photograph union.

(2) increase memorial capacity. The germ of all wisdom depends on memory. Memorial principle changes along with time, the rate that forgets inside a few days after study is exceedingly rapid. But career is forgotten after passing one week hasten delay. Consolidate in a few days that when because the key of this memory is in,forget the most easily review. Choose first-rate time Duan Jin to be remembered all right, differ as a result of the circumstance of everybody and cannot make an absolutely final conclusion. But mastering good timeline is to increase memorial capacity forever changeless truth. Struggle to be forgotten together, correct arrangement reviews time is to choose optimal study time paragraph.

Review A, in time. Take the stuff that knows record a demerit again knowledge write down, make consolidate. Its physiology foundation is ceaseless to temporary nerve connection aggrandizement, make its trace consolidates further. Because forget,be first fast hind slow, because this is reviewed must seasonable, should be in forget have not large-scale before beginning, undertake.

B, reasonable on time and quantity arrangement is reviewed. The experiment proves: Opposite concentration learns same content for some time, memorial effect is good. But also should disperse appropriately, because review time too center incidental interference; Too dispersive incidental forget.
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