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High school- - high school chemistry learns methodological guidance
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One. Chemical course feature and curricular target:

Chemistry is sex of a foundation, creativity and practical course, it is the science of quality of composition of material of a research, structure and metabolic rule, it is the science that develops new material, it is the main base of the research such as science of information science, material science, the sources of energy, environment science, marine science, life science and dimensional technique.

1. Knowledge and skill: The nature that understands a few kinds of common material, make a way, master chemical basic idea and basic theory, understand much angle classification of material, know the diversity of chemical change and regularity, can analyse simplification knowledge to inscribe, and chemically language expression. Can analyse the relationship of the quantity in chemical problem, learn simple chemical calculation. Recognize the plan design of commonly used and chemical problem, operation and report of the test that finish.

3, after implementing a tax, review consolidate classroom place learns

Be being reviewed after the class is to consolidate intellectual need. Often the classmate says so: Basically understood inside the class, when but do,having operation always cannot handy. The reason depends on the connotation to knowledge and extension still doing not have true or full understanding.
This is the meaning place that reviews after the class.

The method that revises after the class is as follows:

(1) read again: Finish new levy to read teaching material again, can " learn to be realized newly old " , ego rises.

(2) " hind " exercise: After reading teaching material, ability makes work get twice the result with half the effort. Some classmates did not read teaching material before feigned course of study, then apply mechanically formula or example do work, get half the result with twice the effort.

(3) constant memory: Means of commonly used memory, let the intellectual masterstroke of brains emersion teaching material, discover oblivious knowledge is nodded, browse in time look of inside Shanghaiguan of teaching material photograph, specific aim is strong, the effect is very good.

(4) much doubt: Ask more to intellectual key and difficulty some why? Can cause again study, afterthought take an examination ofing, raise the recognition level to knowledge ceaselessly.

(5) in a planned way: Everyday extracurricular time tries to arrange; The content that learns before one paragraph tries to review; Can improve the efficiency of study.

4, write down systematic control knowledge purposely conciously

The method that writes down conciously: Understand deeply, natural knowledge is written down; Baconian a pithy formula, advantageous knowledge is written down; Compare similarities and differences, simplify knowledge write down; Read keep tie, deepen knowledge write down.

Mark the approach that is knowledge of systematic control science conciously. The method that writes down conciously because of the person different, not stick to one pattern. Form those who suit oneself is conscious write down a method, thereby the system masters scientific knowledge.
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