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The ray that makes green scintilla radiative love
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People often preachs division is the most divine career below sunshine, special education is a kind of divine career that is full of charity drive and human beauty more, do not know how to many instruct worker especially in this ordinary and divine garden with spring the spirit of the character and morals of silkworm, Gong Zhu is not had complain the ground that do not have regret silent and cultivated. City of lake of overgrown with weeds is earthed up wisdom Jie of school teacher Mao is a among them.
1994, mao Jie from lake of overgrown with weeds division of training school general graduates, allocate earth up wisdom the school pursues mental retardation education. Mao Jie has the dream that becomes human soul engineer as a child, when just standing to dais, still stay in her heart one fails to come true to regret ideally in former days. But see below dais one in pairs is pure helpless however eye, one kind sympathizes with heart and sense of responsibility to arise spontaneously. From now on, she is acted on " dry group, love group, concentrated travel " thought, modest consult to the teacher all round, study a mental retardation education seriously.
One, the Gan Quan of love, moist and puerile heart
Just sent the 9 grade with him age similar graduate 1995, mao Jie bears the heavy burden that has one year a teacher in charge of a class actively. These student great majority had not gotten preschool education, some is moved more, some is dissocial, some is manic contain ruinous, still have violent tendency even, uncontrollable oneself behavior. Understand a student for many sided, she lives together with them all the day, mix with huge patience attentive supervise and urge, care every student, effort and their communication are communicated. She knows very well wisdom barrier children also has his affection world, although intelligence is low but the real situation that can experience the world likewise. Student hair is random, she helps them comb; Student catch a cold is snorty, she helps them brush; Student make water became wet trousers, she is changed to them wash; Student winter was frozen stiff hand, she helps their knead; Student student is ill, she is taken care of meticulously...
She expects to all understand without being told of the student got of the parent praise, won the student's reliance, the student had what difficult problem thinks of the first times always is her. When Tao Shaoru's classmate just went up to the class, provide for oneself ability is particularly poor, go up to always have a peculiar smell personally, siesta gets up to carrying the dress to run to the office to appeal to Mao Jie. Provide for oneself to improve her life ability, mao Jie teachs her over and over to wear strip pants footgear, teach her to wash a face to brush one's teeth, teach her to comb a hair, the method that still sums an action with children's song sometimes helps her strengthen memory, supervise and urge she practices repeatedly. Come down a few years Tao Shaoru's life provides for oneself ability had rise significantly.
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