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Graduate of countrywide junior high school is entered entirely this year new in
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Ministry of Education asks provincial education service wants to increase directive strength

Reform is studied in the whole nation that holds from Ministry of Education working delibrate and experience communication understand on the meeting, student of graduate of countrywide junior high school will be entered entirely this year new in one's deceased father, this mark takes an examination of reform to move toward the new level that pushs in the round formally from local experiment in the move.

As we have learned, ministry of Education began the experimental exploration that reform studies in undertaking 1997, especially since obligation taught new course to enter experimental division experiment 2001, ministry of Education was accelerated in the pace that checks reform experiment. 2004, first entering new in graduate of first junior high school that the 17 states tax that take an examination of changes experimental division attended new in one's deceased father, new in study a change with mark of course of exam of enter a higher school simple addition serves as the practice that admits a standard exclusively, in graduate of junior high school school work exam, integrated quality is evaluated and high school recruit students admitted tripartite face to achieve a breakthrough, perfect stage by stage as the amplification that reforms experimental range. Teach the propulsion of curricular reform as the foundation, this year, student of graduate of countrywide all junior high school will be entered entirely new in one's deceased father.

Education of foundation of Ministry of Education manages concerned controller points out, through reform of a few years and development, fundamental education has entered the new level that pays close attention to quality more, take an examination of in had become the crucial link that advances curricular reform and executive quality education, must have done this work solidly seriously. Reform is taken an examination of to will be pushed in the round in, service of each district education wants vigorously, the stress that face and difficulty issue are studied in serious thrash out, increase the directive strength to reform is being studied in our region. In the meantime, want the experience that seasonable summary and promotion each district create in the experiment, those feasible, effective experience forms policy and measure, sound system, form a mechanism, the reform of the system is studied in be being advanced in the round.