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High school studies a method
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One, aspire is study dynamic fountainhead

Pausteur has said microbiology home, chemist: "Aspire, job, success is the 3 gist element of human activity. Aspire is the gate that moves toward a success, the job is become more proficient in one's profession is itinerary, this itinerary end has a success awaiting, will celebrate the outcome that you try hard. Will celebrate the outcome that you try hard..

Regard a high school as the student, should learn to hold the pulsation of the times, face future, establish the ideal that promotes the motherland, establish the annals of ego grow into useful timber, be fostered stage by stage even and establish the ambition of oneself professional respect and ideal. Had ambitious ambition ambition, strong the powerful motive force that disputes upper reaches, struggling grow to full size, learn assiduously, strive for outstanding achievement hard.

2, had spanned to arrive from junior high school the study step of high school

First, between high school, what there is it on knowledge is successional. Place of junior high school learns the knowledge that pass, it is the intellectual base of high school study. But, rise quite with junior high school, high school each course has on deepness of intellectual range, content rise apparently. Accordingly, know tall, junior high school what to there is to differ in the respect such as method of study content, study, make good mind preparation, active actively creates a condition, get used to each science to review as soon as possible, it is very necessary.

Relative to the study of junior high school, the study of high school spanned knowledge and ability two big steps leading up to a house. The intellectual content of high school and intellectual structure and photograph of junior high school leap twice than appearing: From specific to abstraction, from special arrive general, rise greatly on intellectual range and deepness. In ability respect, the study of high school raised taller requirement to classmates, if abstraction generalizes ability of thinking ability, logistic inference thinking, analysis,integrated ability, self-study ability asks to have etc bigger development and rise.

Enter high school phase from phase of junior high school, want to cross a faster step on study. Span for successful ground this one step, we should have adequate thought preparation, want with new, the study method that is different from junior high school, learn the course of high school.

3, the study means that seeks to suit his

Studying a method is varied, every classmate Dou Yinggen occupies his characteristic, fumble stage by stage the good study method that gives to suit his. The study means that phase of a few high school suits relatively commonly offers below, consult for classmates.

1. accomplishs comprehensive development and union of photograph of specialty of education individual character hard

High school student should heart, wisdom, body, beautiful comprehensive development. With respect to course study, also want comprehensive progress. Chinese, English regards a language as main tool of the character, maths serves as the main tool of operation, must learn from good examples above all; Physics, chemical, biology, computer, as the foundation of modern science and technology, also want hard to learn from good examples; The study of political course, the political direction that can make our establish correct and scientific world outlook, philosophy, the artistic course such as the history, geographical knowledge and music, art, to culture culture and thought state rise, and the development that education differentiates capability to the appreciation of decorous art, it is indispensable.
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