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Difficult to find a summer tutoring some students frustrated
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In India there are "tutor" the words keep the afternoon under a white, no gain, Xiao Zhang came with her tutoring with university students some loss.

The day before yesterday afternoon, under the overpass in Kunming Xi station, or printed on paper or chalk on the wall of the "tutor" the word everywhere, some university students, or standing or sitting or squatting, waiting for the parents of the inquiry.

"I'm looking for two tutor, to live in Kunming." 21-year-old Zhang Xianyang in Shaanxi, head is not high, the body slightly thin, Xi'an International Studies University junior English education of girls. During school, students in Kunming home "lobbying," she said, not many universities in Kunming, relatively easy to find the PTA, along with the "Spring City", so this month with 10 students to Queensland to Zhang Chen Jiaqi penny.

"The want to rent a house to live in Kunming for two months rent may be too expensive in Kunming, but also one to pay half a year, but the high number of consumption Bi Xian." Zhang is currently staying in the students home, she said: "Kunming the sun is too hot, a little regret to, but also insisted anyway. "

A few days ago, Zhang's work to find a tutor in English, but the reward is not high, "I want to find a copy, can exercise their own, but also a beautiful pair of shoes back to Xi'an, Kunming, gave me the gift be . "

Compared to Zhang, 20-year-old freshman at Yunnan Normal University Chen a bit discouraged, "and then can not find the tutor, I went to the restaurant Duan Panzi, carry sandbags to the construction site." Keep under the overpass in West Point for several days, but he was still to no avail.

"The children read the first day, to find a tutor tutorial Chen Jiaqi English to the children." At the scene, the reporter met Mr. Gao parents, talking about college students tutor, Mr Cheung said: "Yes they are not easy."