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And free to create a strict home environment
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Home environment related to the physical and mental development of children, good parenting practices contribute to children's health psychology and behavior formation. Parenting can be divided into authoritative, authoritarian, and laissez faire, in which authoritative Parents are psychologists who believe that education is the most effective way. Authoritative parents of children and lend more warmth, "strict and reasonable" to control, can give their children more emotional warmth and understanding, can promote children's sense of morality , Good adaptability and development of altruistic behavior. The authoritarian and laissez faire parents are refusing to take too much negative, harsh punishment or excessive preference, etc., may lead to behavioral problems of children suffer from psychological or even anti-social Personality tendencies. First of all, let the child will never be loved around the 戴维埃尔金德 American psychologist, said: "The children most need to know is very important to their parents, will never be loved around.". Parents and children have time each day exchange, with their children play. Only In this way, to let children grow up healthily in love can understand the child's inner world and feelings and ideas in order to create a harmonious parent-child relationship. In our family, there are so few fixed "Family Time": the morning after awakening Get up before I would go lie down for a child, talk to; evening after school we would go to kindergartens with children playing in the yard for a while, chat with the situation that day in kindergarten; at bedtime is the time for parents and children together to see Telling Story. But real life is sometimes difficult to achieve work and life while giving enough attention, then often prone to problems. "June" Children ago, I was particularly busy, I could not figure out the kids The show is May 31, there is no help her daughter prepare accordingly, I really do not know how their children carry the day over the next day he was ill. This made me more aware of the good between parents and teachers Communication is the implementation of effective protection of family education. Children have their own emotional needs, conscious and ideas, but they can not express their feelings very well and thought, which requires parents to read with wisdom and feel the child's inner world, truly " Tomoko nurturing father, nurturing mother to know women. "One day last month, starting from the first day home from school, do not want her daughter to kindergarten the next day said, that morning, she can not say kindergarten. After repeated insinuations, I discovered that Road was originally announced in the kindergarten teacher from day one, the children who do not sleep in front of the class to be criticized, she feared he would be criticized, I am not in kindergarten. Find the crux of the problem, I started on the Prescription of the disease. First of all, relieved the child "all the people, whether adults or children, at the beginning could not sleep, and slowly fell asleep"; secondly, to ensure that the teacher would call and tell the teacher if she did not go to bed, private Criticized her, but do not publicly criticize her. This relieved the child, happy school. Of course, I also really explain the situation to the teacher called. In this case, if we do not ask indiscriminate, up to Reprimand the child, forced to go to school, then the child will be in kindergarten the day flies uneasy, and after having similar problems may also choose their own Yingkang. If we do not look for the reasons, "not to not go", then What children encounter difficulties in the future may be used to back down. Secondly, it comes to discipline, but proper accommodation Today's children are the apple of their parents, parents have to face the biggest challenge is how to make the child enjoy his childhood at the same time to avoid being spoiled. As the saying goes, "No rules no standards," clearly and before Final rule if a child can develop a sense of responsibility to help them distinguish between right and wrong. Only children in the family education to understand the rules, they can become the future into the community to comply with norms of society and each other to produce the letter Lai. However, the rules are important, but parents sometimes be appropriate "accommodation", which can reduce stress, let the children more consciously abide by the rules. For example, in sugar this issue, our family rule is "a child Not sugar. "From infancy, we do not give children candy, parents can try to avoid sugar in front of children, so children are not greedy candy met. Until growing up a little, we are only in some special cases Under which the children candy, such as to other homes, some of the kids to play and so on. Now the child is conscious, that "children can not eat candy, but occasionally eat a little." Finally, create a spirit of harmonious family environment, children have grown up with Many studies show that family members often openly reveal Fennu and attack scenes, such as husband and wife quarreled among themselves, Damahaizai etc., can be used as a kind of mental stress 而 increase in children the incidence of a variety of behavioral problems, especially easily Lead to aggressive behavior and depressive symptoms. Children are very sensitive to the feelings of family members, small children can even feel the cold war between the parents. A long period of parents do not and child in the family environment often fear, Fear, sad, angry mood, inferiority usually manifested in behavior, anxiety, and so easy to get angry. Concern and help among family members and frank expression of emotions can promote children's mental health development. It must not Child maltreatment, and the tone should be calm and respectful manner and children to communicate.