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Experience the fun parent-child activities, children enjoy early education pro
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Less than 2 years old Tian Mills led the children in my parents came to Canglang "neighborhood feeling" life of the community hall on the first floor of the new Early Learning Centre Baby Enlightenment accepted courses. Tin Mills last week initiation course, because they live too close, so every day to the early education centers and other children playing games, singing. Recently, many Wada Mills as concerned about early childhood education, mother's parents came to the "neighborhood feeling" living museum on the first floor of the new baby-free early education services, child care center experience enlightenment programs. Orff music in the lobby, the baby, accompanied by their parents learn to follow the rhythm of the music the way the teacher with the stomping, waving, swinging the body, all of them play something more to say. Montessori sensory courses provided here, will guide the baby in his senses to experience the world around him, through feel, walk, touch to make their own access to a variety of abilities and skills. On the day, in the second floor of the multi-purpose hall, a group of young parents are serious about listening to "build all-around baby, achievements of the future leader," the seminar. National early childhood experts from health, intelligence, early education and other aspects of the concept of explanation, early education to teach parents the correct way.