Of the child move disease and feed to concern more
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Mischievous child appears lovely, dense child makes a person headache, indefatigable child lets the parent be at a loss what to do however, if you are a many child that move, the fault that must not think this is the child...
According to the report of academy of American nation health, children moves disease to affect more 3%- - the children of 5% . Be in the United States, about 2 million children cannot focus attention.
"It is average in classroom of every United States, at least a many student that use disease needs to help. " academy of American nation health, "Move disease to be able to enter manhood period with the person normally more, cause affection harm all one's life.
1, the bad food structure that adjusts the child
A lot of parents notice, after the child ate certain food, can become particularly excited, fall asleep hard, absorb chocolate, soda especially (soda, " coke " kind drink) or after other sweetmeat, can appear energetic, the mood is exalted, skip will skip, appear exceeding and active very most and paediatrics doctor points out, candy and additive agent for food make children excessive excited, attention cannot be centered.
2, children moves disease to may be concerned with food more
" the much child using disease that 12 method help you " the with great concentration that Shidiwensi moved disease domain to undertake 25 years more in children studies the author. She says, more and more evidence confirm recently, dietary structure is children use disease more one big main factor. What food can make the child much move want because of the person different, those who allow Zhang Sankang raise is right perhaps Li Si does not have any action, this also is the complex part of the problem.
Dr. Xiersi says American paediatrics expert: "Healthy diet and balanced nutrition are important to every child, more important to using disease children more. Children cerebra is very accurate, flimsy; We take the child's meal seriously more, the child's cerebra can jump over normally job, movement. Insalubrious diet structure can damage brain function. Insalubrious diet structure can damage brain function..
Close cc amounts to dagger Dr. Er to specialize in children to move disease to treat more than paediatrics expert. He says: Food of high in syrup follows children activity excessive the connection between is returned at present ambiguous, but OK and affirmative, food is bad can cause behaviour really unusual. He says: "If you take coke, hamburger to feed the child solely, do not blame the child to play midnight anyway not to sleep. Other do not say first, sheet is the behavior generation that coffeine lets the child with respect to enough changes quite. Sheet is the behavior generation that coffeine lets the child with respect to enough changes quite..
3, " chief criminal food " the station comes out
"Blacklist " famous is on a list of names posted up " dairy produce, chocolate, wheaten, rye (rye) , corn, orange kind, legume, egg this can be children grows essential nutrient cause. But if do not absorb these nutrition, the child can hidebound? What food do your home children avoid? Might as well do a haemal test. The examination can report as a result a dietary allergen. Shidiwensi says, divide plan of diet of hypersensitive expert whole, in the meantime, return the inroad that can prevent the child to suffer those food.
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