Family education secret recipe of the Jew
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Book is sweet

In Jewish home, dot a little sensible, the mother can turn over Bible, drop a bit honey above, call the child to kiss the honey on Bible next. The intention of this ceremony is, book is sweet. Jewish family still has the tradition of a run in the family, that is bookcase should put in the head of a bed. If be put in bed end, what can be considered as pair of books is irreverent. Investigation 1988 makes clear U.N. Educational, in the Israel that gives priority to VIP mouth with the Jew, the person of 14 years old of above reads a book every months on average; Have in average per capita books and press and annual on the scale that average per capita reads, israel exceeded country of the any on the world, be the world most.

Knowledge namely wisdom

The child of Jewish family, want to answer a such enigma almost: "If one day your house by burn down, your belongings is grabbed smooth, what thing will you take to escape? " if of child answer is money or property, the mother will ask further: "One kind does not have appearance, without the color, baby that does not have odour, what is you know? " if the child replies not to come out, the mother can say: "The child, what you should take away is not money, also not be property, however wisdom. Because wisdom is anybody grabs what do not go, you want only living, wisdom follows you forever.

Take ability seriously

The Jew values knowledge, take ability seriously more. They think, common study just is imitated one kind, and not any innovate. Study should be a foundation with thinking, and thinking is comprised by suspicion and problem place. Study is to often suspect, at any time ask a question, suspicion is the gate of wisdom, know morer, can produce suspicion more, and the issue also adds subsequently, so ask a question makes the person progresses. Jewish family pays attention to the thought communication with the child particularly from this. Children can talk with the grow upping and discuss an issue, now and then the adult still tangles jointly with children not was over, meaning in guide them to throw study and research to go up. From above a few OK Jew of have a restricted view " education is " the ruse that allow state, its distinctive domestic education concept is worth us to go quite dug.