Parents: Is the affection that you meet anxious child depended on?
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In development phase of adolescence, affection respect also is not plain sailing. Just is to have the same sex friendship of enthusiastic feature to make parents anxious. Their meeting ask oneself: "Does the child develop level normally in experience? " enter adolescence, deep friendship can be built between the girl. Just just arrive home, they can pass phone and the newest experience that best friend communicates each other, discuss respective situation. Any interference that concern to this kind can be brought about quarrel from jealousy, the contradictory meeting of faithful respect causes affection disaster between the friend, often let them drop into mood trough, as if doomsday comes. What the girl cares is the stability of friendship. The friendship between the boy is another appearance completely, but have apparent dependence likewise. Like the girl the boy always can have such problem: I how? Will I become what kind of? Do I think others how? This kind of intimate friendship relationship is the premise that they break away from parents. Put in potential liability euqally with the girl, but boy unlike girl can know the responsibility that bears to friendship very quickly in that way.

When parents afraid child can suffer when noise of a certain people is very deep, parents depended on the worry of the respect to appear to child affection. Because him child chooses this individual, do not have any consequence to this parents, so parental panic and uneasiness more meeting aggravate. This person below most circumstance does not accord with parental imagination. What parents worries most is the environment that friend of child same sex lives. This kind of extremely close together relation is enormous burden to parents, it is minatory even. Think when the youngster all families are external when the thing is better, more significant, worthier, their manner can make this kind of circumstance more exasperate. In addition parents sees potential risk in be depended on this kind -- the child is compared the human coax with their old age.