The duty that fosters high quality teachs a persons qualified to teach
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The duty that fosters high quality teachs a persons qualified to teach

(12-31-2002 12:59)

Expand professional education energetically, the persons qualified to teach is crucial. Current, the main strength that develops eligible teacher for medium profession education is office ability tall division. Education is had " double division " the student of quality is office ability Gao Shijian the plasticity that run division, professional and technical unified, run the important sign of a characteristic and level.

Office ability tall division is had for training of professional skill education " double division " the qualified qualified personnel of quality, its course system and evaluation system, undertake thorough academic research and bold practice are explored urgently. Course of study of this impact take office teachs the quality problem that reforms progress further.

Get used to prospective profession to teach the requirement of post, student of office ability tall division " double division " the education target of quality should be: Have good culture quality and humanitarian knowledge details and quality of good body and mind; Solid fundamental theory and technical knowledge master in this professional domain, carry out the knowledge that has direct connection with the profession of application talent especially, can be analysed correctly and evaluate course of this professional behavior of professional domain and professional job, definite course develops ability; In this major the profession with domain adepter control carries out ability, have certain profession to carry out experience and professional development capacity, and the capability that provides guidance to professional development of the student; Master the basic theory that the profession teachs, have stronger pedagogic profession technical ability, can study the law according to the profession correctly analysis, evaluation, design and the education course that executive profession teachs.

To come true this develops a target, curricular system develops the core that is education reform and key.

One, science is decomposed " double division " the index connotation of quality, the curriculum that establishs orientaton to distributing clearly, scientificly group. Of student of office ability tall division " double division " quality is dissoluble for quality of thought moral character, basic ability quality (capacity of quality of body and mind, foreign language, computer) , culture quality, normal school quality, professional quality, in corresponding course group in-house, basis " KAQ " (the principle with unified photograph of Knowledge, Ability, Quality) , what the setting is orientaton with knowledge is academic kind of course and the practice that are orientaton with ability train kind of course.

2, with course development is core, the conformity that implements curricular system hard and optimize. Should act on " large base, wide caliber, much direction, strong capability " principle desalt is professional bounds, establish curricular system. The study that should enhance knowledge of student foundation theory namely and the training that carry out ability basically, hit the fundamental quality platform of solid student, promote the student's development aftereffect; Course of outstanding main force, establish caliber with this the course with wide, quick way group, in order to enhance professional adaptability of the student and competition ability; Increase those who carry out skill training to carry out strength, develop individual character specialty and ability specialty. The conformity that implements curricular system thereby, optimize.
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