Zhou Tongxue
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Student information
Classmate of week of student full name
Gentleman of week of parent full name
Student sexual distinction male
Student age 18
Study level is high 3
Learn course manage put together

Coach information

Coach time 1 / 1 hour / second
Accept the price to not be restricted
Ask for advice means teacher comes
Significant time 7

To the teacher's requirement

Teacher sexual distinction is not restricted
Professional number manage is changed kind
Undergraduate course of record of formal schooling
Disposition is not restricted
Other asks to prepare to attend 2009 the university entrance exam, content of logarithm of teacher of requirement family education changes course to undertake systematization coachs, the help increases the capacity that solve a problem. To coaching the teacher asks to not be restricted, in school undergraduate also but, but must be Shandong, student of foreign nationality of Hunan and other places. Connect a telephone call: 13888215299

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