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I want to put forward a concept is that as business schools in training future leaders, when executives at the time of education, to teach them more responsible, they are a lot of criticism over the past few years, I bring with you to explore the What kind of results to see what we can take action, our days a lot of talk about how to adapt to change after the development of more complex social, in adapting to change, we should consider the quality of enterprise managers, business schools not been able to successfully train managers the times we were criticized by many of us have seen, companies will produce in the business, but the mind is ignorant in some respects, some of business School trying to learn some business school business as usual, the challenge is not only in China, other parts of the world related to this challenge, this relates to what business schools teach what is real, first of all morality is something more than a field. And this is a new subject, we have 20 years ago, 70,80 began to teach business, we never thought to teach business executives ethics, business ethics in China, it encountered an education in China challenge, at a recent University of China, which also took part in the debate about professional ethics, business ethics discussion, we discuss how ethics professor, how to teach values, and the way professors, we have discussed, we should find In the process of providing education, future managers and other responsible, especially in the case of China is facing great opportunities, the Chinese government build a harmonious society, business schools should also be aware there is a demand market, all sectors of society have such a request, in Business School which, need to teach business ethics to help us solve these problems. In China there are many familiar problems, the Government has to understand these issues, the East and West there are some common problems, we, as business schools in Europe, the U.S. business schools, there are more and more Chinese business schools, we want a up of what we need to train people, we want to build what kind of society and building such a society, what people want in power. The people in the business school, the future may have considerable power, and now may have a certain power because they are already executives, so in business schools, we can realize our education on them, can bring much of We should develop these executives were able to bring more benefits to society, more contribute to a way of thinking, so that these executives in the case of a crisis to face risks, but, at present, society there are a lot of criticism for us, that we did not do a good job of training and education business executives in China, we put the question is what we teach, we copy the Western-style business school in it? Fudan such as traffic and business schools, how they were educated? Is to use Western standards? Western business is a leader in cloning it? Of course, China's business school, has been training business leaders in the West, the opposite also. But to what direction to push it? I would suggest that we have a question, we should have a positive attitude, there is a challenge, question of attitude, of many possibilities, in China to seek new solutions to enterprises in the end what role to play Now the timing is very good, we also have a good opportunity, all the schools are already full, students very adequate, many companies also believe that business schools to bring up suitable students to support international development of modern China and the desirability, such as SASAC also said that all state-owned enterprises should promote cooperation, to hire the right people, mining areas, to reduce the number of Kuangzai, so there are a lot of demand. Business schools also need to consider the actual situation. What business schools can play a role? Again Huidao way of thinking this morning about the topic, we should rethink, consider this way of thinking, we Daodi should promote the idea of what kind, what kind of thinking should doubt ask questions, especially in the business College, we have a new teaching methods, new materials, as the case with China, to do some of the cases more recent studies, research and business schools should increase efforts to produce knowledge, to be suitable for China's national conditions, to help to understand the changes in the situation in China, while understanding the situation abroad, so as to contrast from such foreign learned something. School should develop a curriculum suitable for China. Sometimes, I also asked myself this question, I think we need some long-term perspective, business schools should also consider what kind of society we hope to promote in the end type of development, we also asked teachers this question, some people said I teach finance, to teach economics, why do you let me talk about social problems? I say, you are now promoting the talent in the community, you affect the development of society, and your students to apply their knowledge to promote the production of a particular society. I quickly summarize, I want to say, we talked a lot of balance issues, talking about traditional Chinese culture and Western philosophical balance between, we hope that balance point, the introduction of new materials, new teaching content, to adapt to China's current situation, more of the problems some of the values, you talk about the philosophical basis of cash flow problems, you want to explore some deeper way of thinking problem. I also fully respect China's reality, but I think we still have a positive legal system through which the normal system development, and I encourage my students or my teachers, understanding the importance of values, values for the impact of their lives, such as students for a career, not only to endure the temptation of money, Know-the correct choice, as we talked about the problem of corruption, some people may say that if everyone in the corruption , everyone in bribes, is not I have to do this? If you do not, I will lose the contract. My answer, you need to measure yourself, you know what is right and wrong, to listen to your inner voice, to listen to the voice of their conscience, to comply with their own values. I do not give them solutions, I do not prescribe them, and I want to help students develop their inner strength, let them find their future career direction, the solution to your own life is very difficult, competitive very intense, a lot of crisis, followed by a round of crisis, you need to find a solution in mind. Finally, I want to sum up the five point of view, to play your imagination, while fully developed, fully explore the outside world, and finally put it into action. In some seminars, when it comes to these issues, I sometimes refer to Confucius, a number of statements, as well as the traditional Chinese way of thinking, and traditional Chinese philosopher said, I think that today's traditional Chinese culture of management or layer, the business community there are still many instructive.
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