The university entrance exam, do not send hope to be pricked at rushing finally
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Common saying says, "Start to prepare at the last moment, discomfort is smooth also " . Already was less than two months from the university entrance exam now, countrywide examinee is undertaking final sprint, many manpower beg what pass high strenth in last phase to review make mark of the university entrance exam further upward. To this, educational expert offerred different opinion, the concern between high component of the assault before thinking to take an examination of and the university entrance exam is not large. This studies achievement is to was in Wuhan to hold a few days ago " colloquium of scientific research of exam of education of the 6th whole nation and seminar of self-study exam learning " go up put forward. Nanjing teachs the professor at the beginning of scientific institute Shi Yin to point out, those who affect result of the university entrance exam basically is intellective, study achievement and domestic environment at ordinary times 3 big factors; And the school condition that student and parent always value very much, sprint before taking an examination of and face the element such as a play to be opposite the influence of mark of the university entrance exam turns over retrogression to reside next. In the process that has this research, scholars chose 4 high school of Nanjing meticulously to be example, unripe to 292 Gao Sanxue have investigation and study. According to studying a result, the university entrance exam takes an exam as a large-scale choose sex, its effect is spent still is reliable, it is basic choose gives intellectual level to compare tall, more intelligent student, is not a few people those who think is not quite clever, the student of be a bookworm. In addition, investigator returns discovery, very tall consistency exists between achievement of the university entrance exam and unified exam achievement, that is to say the school work achievement when the university entrance exam basically mirrorred a student to make the same score, is not pure ascribe " face a play " wait for an element. Compare to the influence of achievement of the university entrance exam as to domestic environment complex, also be stable least of all element, sometimes the examinee that the achievement of examinee the university entrance exam with domestic good environment compares domestic environment to be differred relatively apparently is outstanding, but sometimes the family that the more the condition needs slightly learns a condition for filial creation as far as possible the more, reflected domestic education namely " amend the result " . The professor at the beginning of Shi Yin offers advice to the candidate for an entrance examination that having always reviewing: Review a key to should be put in ABC part, cinch due is divided, make athletic greatly measuring drilling cannot be taken, the result is bad also, you Ji gnaws difficult problem, a catch question blindly. To the student of low grade, stone professor thinks, the most important still is dependable lay good foundation, cannot place a hope blindly at tall 3 always review.

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