Must not " canal " does the child go
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Recently, the name that rolls out by Chinese economy press originally is " must not " canal " the child -- , own education breaths out Buddha apocalyptic " books is very popular, accept the favour to parents, bookshop of Jing Xinhua of king government office work off of a month is close 800, the code is foreign more than yuan 20 thousand. This book amounts to more than 20 in countrywide sale, still appeared book of edition of more than 10 kinds of pilfer. Hear " must not ' canal ' the child " view, a lot of parents indissoluble the ground asks: Without giving thought to the child, didn't they still cross a day? Parents are taking all sorts of doubt to seek the solution in the book.

Say education with true case

Education is the systematic project that the school, family and society build jointly, present parents use up painstaking effort for growing cost of the child, the school exhausts to develop eligible person with ability Lv of exhaust of essence of life, social pillar is not certainly however after the good student of the good child of a few parents, school comes out however. The character of their self-doubt, free-standing, self-discipline; Lack active and hopeful state of mind; Lack the temperament of clinging pursuit; Lack sober and rational deal with concrete matters relating to work, open quality and sense of responsibility. How to teach the child to develop in the round, become make a lot of parents baffle already helpless difficult problem.

" must not " canal " the child " the hero Chen Yuhua of one book with Xiamen liberal art the first achievement recommended to be fastened to economy of Chinese people university 1990; She was 1992 in those days the undergraduate students of Chinese inland only is admitted by American Stanford university; Came 1995 she assumed office 1997 branch of Hong Kong of advisory company of Buddhist nun of American division Er; In the United States business school of haing Buddha college read MBA 1997; Assumed office to fill headquarters of division of Asia-Pacific of investment bank Hong Kong high at the United States 1998; Assumed office 1999 branch of Beijing of group of news of silent much gram; Established in January 2000 limited company of technology of breath of Hua Youde Kang Xin. This book passes an account in one's own words of hero and its parents, record and narrate if why her childhood period forms the habit that ego teachs below parental guiding, undertake hammering into shape ceaselessly to oneself in the following attend school and the individual character characteristic that own education applies in poineering process, undertaking decisive a few paces successfully span in the future thereby. She forgoed the opportunity that becomes a star, leave school by Chinese people university on the way went Stanford; She abandoned a foreign country favourable him condition of well-known company goes doing poineering work. This looks in the ordinary person is to have those who violate convention, but people must gasp in admiration her cross how is the more bold and be full of a challenge. Chen Yuhua says: "The maxim of myself is ' surmount ceaselessly, never satisfy ' . I feel to without giving thought to,be in the educational method with be being condensed better rear, that masters oneself to teach that magical key namely. That masters oneself to teach that magical key namely..
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