The child is hanged " do not disturb please " , pedagogic mother loses his head
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Recently, ms. Chen that in Nanjing some middle school teachs Chinese encountered an irritated worry, oneself just go up first the child somehow of one, hanged on bedroom door unexpectedly " do not disturb please " brand. This lets Ms. Chen 100 think of do not get its to solve, it is him err what, be still the child has become independent to must be used " do not disturb please " will reject parents? Child father says sadly also: "Since registered that trademark, I feel well the home was like hotel. I feel well the home was like hotel..

This calls 12 years old of boys of Wang Jue to keep moving back and forth when chatting with the reporter that " do not disturb please " brand, he tells a reporter, inside the heart after the pin money that uses oneself at that time buys this next brands particularly glad. Ask when the reporter he thinks of the parents after registering a trademark can have special idea when, wang Jue replies lightly: "This meeting has what idea, our class classmate feels to had been held out so. Our class classmate feels to had been held out so..

To this, nanjing Normal University teachs a department to think about the expert, china scrupulouslies abide by the educational mode that is a center with the family all the time, the parent likes to grow young trenchant, notice the identity with the friend and child communication not quite commonly. While is long, the communication of two acting people appears " obstacle " , the child growth as the age can produce repellent psychology to elder. If child itself disposition is very indrawn, bring about very easily shut disease oneself.

Ms. Chen mentions Wang Jue's mother the child registers a trademark, reveal deep spellbound: "I also am engaged in teaching the job, know present child has very strong go against turn over psychology, but oneself child is hanged high now ' tablet of truce ' , always let me meditate from time to time of our parenthood whether to give an issue. " Mr Wang that works in city class mechanism is right this kind of behavior of the child feels disgusted very much, he says, "Sometimes I want to make the child clear very much, his this kind looks seem the way that seeks independence very babyish, but I do not know how to say to him again. If be indifferent to sth, they can be hanged today ' do not disturb please ' , will hang tomorrow ' no admittance ' . Will hang tomorrow ' no admittance ' ..

Institute of Jiangsu province education is pedagogic Pan Chunyan of staff room director thinks, the child is not parents demesne belongings, having individual space is his right, from the point of the child, he can enjoy the freedom of space of individual material, psychology, do father and mother although be on affection,cannot understand, but must accept on reason and legal system. Actually the child is registering a trademark 24 hours a day impossibly, parents mights as well communicate well with the child when the brand gets off, mutual respect just can make love more deep. But the parent also should notice the child to whether there is unusual activity in this paragraph of time, smoke for instance, see insalubrious caricature wait, respect and not be equal to abandon.
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