Small new " is in crayon among children
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Children can look " crayon is small new " , aroused a controversy in home at present. And a few teachers that are engaged in teaching the job feel, picture " small new " the child that has early tendency so lives in reality not scarce already.

" crayon is small new " it is a Japan of hot campus gets at present laugh at cartoon film. Year only 4 years old, go up of nursery school middle shift " small new " it is an individual impish big, behavior is crabbed " additional kind of children " . He still has a lot of adult characteristics: The language of high-sounding, can take soft, can coerce, was full of in the word resource and bold, act is acerbity sometimes evil even etc.

Recently, home points out about the branch: " crayon is small new " content too the adult is changed, look to big people, belong to little unfavorable cartoon film. And anti thinks, " crayon is small new " it is children with oneself eye views adult world, be not little unfavorable.

Face this kind of dispute, already was engaged in children psychology 7 years coaching Yang Xia says teacher of Oriental red elementary school, "Crayon is small new " actually in actual life has existed.

Be in in school activity, because plan to change formerly, a student that is good at doing small compere cannot attend afternoon chair, and be joined by the requirement chorally. As a result she considers as a teacher intended with her oppose, she coachs to psychology the teacher says, "I am incorrect to the thing person, do not want to mention the full name of party, a moment ago an authoritative personage looked for me to talk, I feel to there is a word in her word... "

"Small new " toothache when, aux would rather choose a beautiful, nurse that wears miniskirt to unplug to him tooth, also do not want experienced doctor. Mr. Yang says, the child in reality already was behaved already hazy sensitive sexual consciousness, like to be before the schoolgirl for example project oneself, begin to pay attention to dress to dress up etc.

Right the child is medium now " small new phenomenon " , mr. Yang says, the child's heart is richer and richer now, understand actual society too much, very sensitive also to all sorts of human relations in society and affection, include the way of the world, appear too early.

Accordingly, to family, school and society character, emphasize with its " crayon is small new " little unfavorable, be inferior to admitting is current little " creation " went out " crayon is small new " .

Yang Xia thinks at the same time, should pass only guide correctly, early tendency should not become children to grow medium problem.