The 8 big distinction of Sino-US student
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Chinese youth newspaper once reported the Chengdu girl Liu Yiting that pass, read in her during breathing out Buddha university at the United States, combine the information that she is in China and life experience, with American middle and primary school unripe study and lifestyle undertake contrast, with respect to generally speaking, baconian the distinction that the aesthetic in going out lays 8 fields.

(1) fitness contrast: American student is strong the student at China, american student pays attention to physical training and extracurricular activity more.

(2) gets used to ability to contrast: American much maths gets used to ability unripely stronger than Chinese student, they enter more social association activities.

(3) ABC contrast: Our country student exceeds American student. Be in the United States, the achievement of Chinese student studying abroad is best, fundamental class content of the United States and difficulty not as good as China.

(4) cooperation spirit is comparative: Our country student is inferior to American student. American student often is told in collective activity " team spirit " , " synergic spirit " .

(5) enthusiasm and creativity are comparative: American student compares our country student mostly strong. What our country student considers is to work should have Zhang Ke follow, praise highly " random quadrature does not become circumference " . And American student appears open, converse thinking is some more.

(6) human association communicates ability contrast: American student is stronger than our country student, chinese student flower is in the time of fundamental course is much.

(7) operates ability contrast actually: American student is strong. They start work in class inside and outside practice scope is much: Visit the person that allow to look around to start work to museum, exhibition operation. American parents asks children does chore generally, if repair lawn, help,parents shops etc.

(8) learns contrast assiduously: Our country student should have an advantage than American student.

The 8 big distinction that Liu Yiting says basically accord with actual condition. A lot of studying abroad the intellectual base that returning student reflects Chinese student is strong, read assiduous and diligent. And American school and parent take athletic sports seriously, during have a holiday, organize all sorts of sports activities, parents can play commonly, and be oneself child cheer, hope they obtain good result. The activity that parents won't interfere him child commonly, encourage them to attend mass organizations. Preschool education period, develop the ability of their independence activity, won't handgrip hand ground teachs children how to be done. Arrive after middle school phase, the American child of average family has his part-time job to work, raise money tuition and living cost.

Be in China, parents cares the child's thing, if help child washs the dress, arranging a bedroom is very much. This also has underlying reason, the lesson burden with Chinese unripe middle and primary school is heavy, because will decide the colleges and universities on student place finally with the mark, the student values a score necessarily. (civil / Li Zhangjun)
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