Is middle and primary school unripe why does be disgusted with learn? Is middle
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School of middle and primary school has termed begins at present. Draw near opening around, middle and primary school is unripe show more and more unusual sentiments, among them be disgusted with learns a mood to be behaved most apparently.
According to China education signs up for a report, according to sanitation of Shandong province spirit central expert introduces, sometimes one day has 20 many students to come psychology seeks advice, the be disgusted with that among them unexpectedly the student with much half shows different rate learns a mood, some is quite serious even, appeared the symptom that spirit breaks up.
Taking the son that reads junior high school to do psychology to seek advice to husband and wife. According to introductions of this pair of husband and wife, condition of the economy in their home is quite difficult, but grant whatever is requested to the child as a child, want drumstick to buy carbonado to not be willing to him. Went up after junior high school, condition of the economy in the home cannot achieve the child's requirement more and more, after the child played with a gang classmate in winter vacation, express to answer the school no longer stoutly, because he disrelishs the parent to cannot give him economically satisfaction, have difference with the classmate, often suffer a classmate to bully, be inferior to be being taken in home Li Shu in the school.
The expert thinks, of modern city child " disposition contradiction sex " the be disgusted with that brought about them learns a mood; Additional, of child disposition " the adult is changed " also be a main factor. As we have learned, present child adult changes nature more and more ahead of schedule, more and more serious, and this kind of disposition basically is in leave family and the display when be together with age person is prominent, accordingly a few socially adult is bad that the ethos enters the school gradually. For instance, in the student " grade phenomenon " , " bureaucratism " more and more serious, some students bully difference to be born, average student gives class cadre give sb a present to wait even.
Expert analysis, these things made the child premature form " adult disposition " . And the student's delicate in the home disposition and grow up outside change disposition to form conflict, brought about partial child not know what to do, generation escapes a mood. It is the more in the home the child of pamper, behave outside more opposite and cowardly, often be squelched. This kind is in the home with outside different " pay " make the sentiment that they generated be disgusted with to learn. The expert thinks, urban child's more and more serious now contradictory disposition, make they cannot make very human impact independently, can produce psychological problem.