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Xu Lizhi: 55 years old of famous geneticist

Be born at Shanghai to grow in Hong Kong

Master of university of Hong Kong Chinese

Doctor of American Pittsburgh university

Currently hold the post ofHong Kong university the 14th president

Reporter: Signed up for the outback student that takes an examination of Hong Kong university to increase this year a lot of, be in your expect?

Xu Lizhi: Some are accident, why abrupt between so much student enters oneself for an examination Hong Kong university, more than it is Hong Kong university, the university of other Hong Kong enters oneself for an examination very much also, I think the likelihood is an ethos. It is a kind of new trial, because can enter oneself for an examination inside only before, can enter oneself for an examination now the university of Hong Kong, so I think the student has a new trial, I think this is a very good foreboding.

Explanation: At the beginning of this year July, hong Kong university undertakes interview to each district examinee. The examination questions of interview is multifarious, for instance

World cupTo holding national influence, how look upon extramarital love? Hong Kong university takes an examination of an official to say, "Achievement of the university entrance exam is not the most crucial, main is the English level of examinee and integrated ability.

Although enter oneself for an examination most achievement is very outstanding in the student, divide relative superiority or inferiority hard, but, hong Kong university is active to expression, creative student however very preference.

Reporter: How should the student choose to suit his university, what kind of proposal do you have?

Xu Lizhi: I think every student is different, some students are more gentle and quiet, do not like a talk. Not be to point to bad student of course, the student of Hong Kong university we hope he communicates more, express oneself opinion. In can participate in more above science and technology, so the hope is lively student, agile student, the student with the logistic taller thinking that has oneself / / do a lively student, the likelihood is in Hong Kong university welcome, the competence of gotten study is more also.

Reporter: A it is important to appear to had regarded the ability of communication faculty club of student and others as had regarded the ability of communication faculty club of student and others as now, a when cannot lack, is your viewpoint says a kind of among them talent only be?

Xu Lizhi: The talent that I think the society needs is very much, hong Kong university fits that kind of talented person that a moment ago said only.

Reporter: Had cancelled interview like university of Hong Kong Chinese, will tell to Hong Kong university, is the importance of interview in?
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