Affect the factor of child achievement
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A day, receive a telephone call, the phone is the parent that anxious and the sound that does not have arrange: "My that child, 6 grade, but achievement is stupefied,be to go up not to go. I and child his Mom can be gotten urgently! We sleep to be not worn in the evening everyday become aware! The hair is urgent white! But also of no help! You say, is this how to return a responsibility after all? The child's achievement how to go up not to go? The child's achievement how to go up not to go??

Be, as the parent, we always are hopes, oneself child can take 100 minutes, but the thing all often cannot be like person meaning. Do not go on the child's achievement, brows easy of the parent does not leave!

So, if the parent can understand the ingredient of achievement of child of a few influences, can let oneself understand child achievement more not the reason of beautiful, use then more appropriate, have the method of specific aim more, help child improves result.

The factor that affects child learning result has:

One, psychological pressure of the child

Some child result are actually bad, because " is gormless,not be " , gave him too great psychology pressure because of the parent however. Have a lot of parents, the success that becomes the child is not quite good, short of asks establishedly or after the standard, always can be in of the child before the sentiment that shows oneself- - angst, angry, disappointed, crestfallen... actually these meetings bring very great psychology pressure to the child.

The child falls in the case with oneself study bad result, always be can sad, brokenhearted even. Some children, especially condition of the economy in the home is not very good child, still can have I am sorry parental feeling. Some parents always say to his child: "You how so stupid? You see a someone, learn much weller, eight minutes, much more marvellous! How are you taken an examination of fail? Stupid dead! "Then the child can begin to doubt his ability, begin oneself a kind of " I am no good the psychological suggestion of " . In heart of his self-abased psychology, feel apologetic stronger and stronger. Study result went up harder also.

So the parent should give the child to encourage more in the home, let the child believe his ability, ease psychological pressure of the child thereby, enhance its self-confidence heart, it is the child can learn better.

2, study method of the child

Some child learning result are bad, because,not be lazy, contrary, a lot of child learning rises particularly serious, all oneself time when wishing are used on study, although time spent so much,can be, always do not see effect however. Actually this is planted circumstance, because the child did not master better study method,a lot of moment are.

As the parent, should contact with the teacher more, understanding child is in the study circumstance of school, and invite the studies a method proposal that the teacher offers the child to be able to apply, the means that so that consult,the teacher offers, combine effective level of the child and real learning habit, sum up a distinctive study method that suits him child most together with the child.
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