How to make the child sets his mind at to do a homework
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After the child enters the school, a few parents begin to have a headache rise: A lot of children cannot set his mind at to do a homework. Although some children look be like peaceful land to sit over to do a homework, but be in however actually visit all directions mentally, absent-minded; Returning some child business classes to resemble is in unending long-distance running, from classes are over come home to accomplish at dead of night all the time, but work still quality low, flaw is great, wrong 100. The parents that hope children will have a bright future had to worry.

Then, they think up a variety of countermeasure to change this kind of appearance. For instance, adopt severe the method that adds " certainly " : Do not complete work well, forbid to have a meal, forbid to sleep, forbid to watch TV, forbid... some parents sit by the child to try to supervise simply, use physical punishment method even. However, in fact, these measure effects are very small.

So, how does ability handle this kind of case of the child very well? This is about to seek parent ground psychological characteristic of the child, adopt the method that has specific aim, and cannot way is rough be eager to hope for success. Want to notice the following roughly among them:

1, the domestic study mood with good creation.
Want to let the child set his mind at to learn, the parent above all how do oneself leave a heart, can read read, read a newspaper, do a few save one's breath, do not cause the accident of child happening interest. Create the vacuum with good mood of a quiet, study for the child, far get more effectively than sitting beside the child to try to supervise much. The parent should understand such reason: "" of teach by word of mouth of overweight of teaching by one's own example. Year young the child still does not know study for what, they meet imitated parents only, from know how to should learn over there parents.

2, do not chatter with the child
Some parents stem from the need of emotional communication, do not wish to let the feeling when the child is doing work by oversight, so they always like to ask to the child in child acting class hour this asks that. "A few to do? A few to still have? "Was to care the child it seems that it seems that, little imagine disturbs the child often so, do so that the child cannot focus attention, the train of thought that ponders over a problem also is total be interrupted. Because this reminds everybody the parent notices: Do not follow the child when child learning vixenish.

3, recieve a guest to notice not to affect the child
To a family, neighbour strings together the door, the good friend calls in, this is constant some thing. But some person gramophone are opened perpetual, forgot to still the child does work inside the room right-down class. Adult chats to affect the child's attention the most easily. The child's study can suffer an effect for certain. Accordingly, the visitor is welcomed in the playtime that parents answers to arrange the place that affecting child learning or child as far as possible. And close friends also had better be visited in the child's playday, if occupied be badly in need of call at sb's house, should get timeline some more compact, lest affect master home,rest of the child.
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