How to make the child does not appear on study " elementary mistake "
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Exercise accuracy rate of Xiaoming is not very tall all the time, the achievement of his exam also has the record of full marks rarely. Does the intelligence that is Xiaoming have a problem? Teacher and parent think is not, they are consistent and accepted Xiaoming is a clever child. In fact, at ordinary times, what have the ponders over problem or reference material to go up a few difficult problem of certain difficulty to what the teacher decorates, he basically can be done. The exercise accuracy rate that causes Xiaoming and exam achievement and his effective level not the main reason of photograph be identical is, he is in the process of exercise or exam, often appear of and so on of such as 7-2=4 " elementary mistake " . To this, teacher and parent say he is careless, want him again and again attentive when becoming a problem. But this kind " education " the effect is not ideal, xiaoming is in in the process of exercise or exam " elementary mistake " still be common occurance.

In pupil, be similar to this kind of phenomenon of Xiaoming to should say is quite general. The explanation that parent friend produces to this kind of phenomenon basically is mixed with Xiaoming's teacher parent opinion is consistent, adopted domestic education step also is mixed basically with Xiaoming's teacher the parent is same, want the child a few more attentive when becoming a problem. Of course, practical educational effect is same very not ideal, the child is in learning process or often appear a few " elementary mistake " . Accordingly, parent friend hopes to be able to have the method of a kind of effective very much, do not appear in the process that makes the child is learning " elementary mistake " .

Will tell to parent friend, in wanting to make the child is learning a process, do not appear " elementary mistake " , must solve two problems: It is to want to understand the child adequately to appear in learning a process " elementary mistake " psychological reason; 2 it is a basis reason of this kind of psychology, take the educational step that has specific aim.

Should say, carelessness is the child and so on of such as 7-2=4 appears in the process that learning " elementary mistake " reason. But, use merely " careless " will generalize too ambiguous rather. Without doubt, to this kind of ambiguous explanation, in the process that parent friend is having the family is taught to the child, can make to the child only " when feigned course of study or exam a few more attentive " principle requirement. And to those often for careless child, they are in the process of specific work or exam, although know oneself want attentive, but do not know how to can be accomplished after all attentive. Of course, their " careless defect " the change that also gets materiality hard.

If we are analysed from psychological angle, of and so on of 7-2=4 of child occurrence such as " elementary mistake " psychological reason is abstracted. Alleged and abstracted it is attention is not centered. The child is in the process of exercise or exam, of the intermediate measure that calculate to the mouth or solves a problem " 7-2 " the computational result of and so on, support short-term memory will remember. The size of short-term memory is trivial, retentive time is short. Will tell commonly, the content of short-term memory can hold the time that 30 seconds influence in cerebrum only, when having new memorial content, former memorial content is kept clear of. Of course, the computational result of the intermediate measure that calculate as the mouth or solves a problem, the time of 30 seconds already enough is contented nuncupative or written need. But when if the child is in,one specific is being solved in the process of the exam, attention is centered not completely on this title, considering the issue of additionally one problem or other however, so additional the short-term memory that the content of the consideration enters, develop original memorial content. Such, the computation of intermediate measure made forget as a result, the result produced the phenomenon with actual computational result and written abhorrent result. This is the real reason that the child is learning the elementary error that and so on of such as 7-2=4 appears in the process. Accordingly, and so on of such as 7-2=4 does not appear in wanting to make the child is learning a process " elementary mistake " , the key is to still want to be in center attention respect make an issue of.
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