How to write composition of good the university entrance exam!
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Chinese all through the ages is the university entrance exam head battle, had hit head battle, crucial. The key of Chinese writes a composition namely, how to write composition of good the university entrance exam? Yesterday, the author interviewed chairman of seminar of teaching of Chinese of Guangzhou city middle school Mr. Huang Yongguang at this point.

The development direction that the university entrance exam writes a composition

The university entrance exam wrote a composition last year " if memory can transplant " , without material, style is not restricted, can imagine freely, free play. But it is OK that free play is not represented scratch, actually, do not be restricted style is the opportunity that allows a student to have play strong point; And thematic itself also will imagine, associate the core that ability of this one thinking regards check as. Although imagine, in associating to often also be regarded as to compose gimmick to use a composition before, but never be on so " celebrated " position. This is meant, the writing means of article of eight -part essay was abandoned before. When material composition becomes pattern of a kind of composition, it manacled the imagination of examinee.

But, advocate imagine and associate not to allow to think in disorder however. " if memory can transplant " one article, requirement examinee has base of certain science and technology, science fiction, make the article has certain scientific sex, authenticity. Innovation is encouraged on strong base, the spirit that is composition of prospective the university entrance exam. Composition of the university entrance exam is not exceptional also this year.

Careful inscribes conception and innovation thinking

Conception of problem of careful of composition of the university entrance exam is very important, the student must eat to thematic have a thorough grasp accurate. Guangzhou city imitate is taken an examination of in, a lot of classmates did not eat accurate " look into to what future teachs " this one title, replace future with reality, the system of education with violent existent assail. This kind is done not have " future " the article is connected " meaning of accord with synthesis " this asks basically short of, can take only comfort cent. Look, the main point training of the composition nots allow to ignore. The freedom of composition of the university entrance exam that feels new is spent big, need not undertake this training, those who be in an unfavorable situation is examinee after all.

A trend of composition proposition, the innovation ability that should inspect a student namely and to knowledge use capacity integratedly, if problem of composition of the university entrance exam was last year " if memory can transplant " , some examinee are begged blindly firm, afraid innovation can take a risk to lose cent. But write a composition 60 minutes in, it is basic grade cent 50 minutes, it is development grade cent 10 minutes, beg do not take tall fraction firmly. For better to the foundation student, should be in seek firm base aspirant travel innovates, produce individual specialty.
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