How to correct the bad habit of exam stage fright
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The relaxation before resembling sports athletics tournament, like adjusting, the parent should be child decompression conciously, let the child feel the exam is a very common thing nevertheless as far as possible, with other days, what do not have what essence actually is different.

Writer Zhao Lihong is in its essay " do not do Goth forever " in write not without anxious ground: "I once worried, the range of outside reading of present high school student is narrower and narrower, the time that can be used at outside reading is less and less also, a lot of people had lost the interest that reads literary famous book and appetite, and other the book that has nothing to do with course and exam, they have opportunity dabble more hard. This is a your person is anxious, more or less to also make the person feels sad phenomenon. " in fact, accompanying electronic product (especially network) grown child, they not only read time and read limits to decrease increasingly, and their read interest also as " interpret blueprints times " come and weaken, a lot of children even nurturance the bad habit of repellent character. Their after school time by the shadow (sound) picture, electronic game and cartoon are being held, the character is read in theirs in it is compose of a kind of bit only.

This is a kind of when high-tech place brings general trend, people is right literal inhospitality already everywhere is visible. According to Gallup investigation shows: Only the American of 7% read every week 1999 or the book of above. The person be interviewed of 59% claims, it is sporadical that they read thing. Did not read the person that the character is used to completely, jumped in going 20 years severalfold. American biology ethnics domestic Peilaigelini says in the light of explanation of this one phenomenon: "Computer adds electrify shadow, tape and TV to wait for medium of mainstream of other blame character, make people not must be read can absorb a large number of news, it is the atrophic rate that they accelerated people to read skill. It is the atrophic rate that they accelerated people to read skill..

A lot of education experts appeal: "The child resembles a kind to chill manner of the character invisible liquid, in pervading social culture slowly. Should escape read make a habit, of the child read ability to be able to degrade, affect them directly thereby grow. Affect them directly thereby grow..

Chinese youth newspaper is in a title that carried on August 6, 2001 " network and the time that movie and TV runs amuck, are you cool character? " mention in the article: "Want to take care people to be able to discover only, nowadays child of 3 years old two is simply ' eccentric demon ' , capability of expression of a piece of small mouth is especially strong. Pedagogic home thinks, this is TV the result with a large number of exciting to children information, TV makes their the gift of tongues gets developing. What Dan Ji blames is, when these children grow, be attributed to mostly however commonplace, literacy is especially poor, for instance before paragraph some national exam that time comes out, the student faces examination questions to be able to be written without the word, cite unexpectedly " boast swims on the west " the actor's lines in! Pedagogic home thinks, clarity conveys the ability of the thought, must obtain through reading ability in great quantities, and this kind of ability that TV cannot develop people. Be in with TV ' depend on sb or sth for existence ' in the day, people nurturance a kind of bad habit that is far from a book, resemble be being waited for together with a friend long, his bad mistake can be infected with you same. His bad mistake can be infected with you same..
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