Take an examination of in review have tricks of the trade
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In be faced with, take an examination of, a lot of students begin those who enter insecurity to review level. Look with respect to the experience of a few successes, in reviewing a process, the " work " after oneself are machined, conduce to deepen memory.

Alleged him " work " , it is to will need to review the point of recital to arrange note and recording. Now, as office condition moderner and moderner, a lot of people depend on the quick method such as fax, duplicate morely. For instance, some classmates a few individual division of labor, the duplicate wanting a place that gets on the book respectively comes down, repass fax assemble arrives over there a classmate always compositive hind send everyone again. The profit that such doing is to cooperate with division of labour, the save labour when the province, but adverse is the analysis that did not pass his, treatment, arrange, go mechanically mechanical memorizing a concept, write down not easily instead prison or deepen understanding. Many classmates answer when the exam the mistake that this kind of problem makes the most easily is " only bone does not have fleshy " , perhaps want congener problem end the place promiscuous, save labour of the graph when because be in,be being reviewed namely, did not pay oneself to arrange digestive hard to cause. If pass oneself to understand the point that treatment comes out, answer remove a problem to be met do a job with skill and ease, be in harmony collects be well versed in.

The reviews a point to make his recording that arranges oneself, go listening attentively to repeatedly, it is the good method that deepens memory. Because be at ordinary times when the dialog, you noticed the acoustical condition that the other side talks and dialect only, face oneself speech and do not have too much care about. If you come down your word ana again send out comes out to listen, affirmative meeting has a kind to be familiar with already seem the strange move that ever was acquainted unfamiliarly again. Someone has tried, listen to the recording that broadcasting station announcer broadcasts, because dialect is too normal, fluent, bring do not remove you to stimulate and be experienced too much. But if listen to yourself's recording, a lot of is not aware of at ordinary times subtle characteristics when meeting him disclosure speaks. Breath shortly between that speech for instance, now and then the details of a bit resonant nasal, rustle, hesitant with impediment, the snicker when inadvertent misread mixes even self-condemned, leave a few impression can subliminally. Some examinee, when remembering the clearest reviewing should be nodded even if listening to him recording, him impediment or that one part that misses a fault, these " are small episode " , be stimulated in virtually instead and deepened his memory.

Still have a kind of idea, be review what oneself arrange the point to type computer, when typing, movable brain makes appearance of a few floret. For instance each point uses different font to type, remember this point can associate to this kind of font when the exam, also won't make mistake. Have again, ornament of will certain point a few grotesque floret edges or small tag, think of these are small tag can associate to these points. Some computer mysteries still review these the point to write the name of game of on a few computer, in gout abundant in relaxed memory. These oneself start work has machined " work " , can make examinee casts off the drab mode of mechanical memorizing, heighten the effect that reviews memory, go up objectively the effect that negative " reduces to oneself to him " since the meeting.
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