Write composition of good the university entrance exam: External affairs of wind
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The university entrance exam writes a composition, get student attention not only, also fix eyes upon for the society. Last year autumn the university entrance exam, the composition divides a value to promote, word number is 1000 words, more in showing its coil in Chinese " bibcock position " . In recent years, does proposition of composition of the university entrance exam have random law but abide? How to draw up in the university entrance exam high quality article? ... yesterday, china division big publishing house invited Chinese of ten this city middle schools fancy, high teacher and well-known writer, be born with respect to high school people the problem of the care " wisdom person see wisdom " .

Grand of annals of fancy teacher gold listed the Chinese in Cao Yanger in recent years problem of composition of the university entrance exam, 1997 " I see outside reading " , 1998 " self-respect " , 1999 " the enlightenment of echo " , 2000 " the rich that it is a world is met establish theme " , successive material composition of 4 years is clairvoyant one " signal " : Composition of the university entrance exam asks the student pays close attention to life of society of the life, attention, attention, and even the problem that pays close attention to complete mankind to care jointly, in " the bosom takes overall situation " on the foundation, can cut from a small angle, the article realistically, write deep. However, from read a circumstance to look, the student's composition has " common fault " : Information content is little, material stale, article arrogant on account of one's seniority.

"Common fault " how can you form? Writer Liu Xing the son just played the university entrance exam last year, she the double identity with writer and mother, talked about the view that writes a composition to the university entrance exam. She says, the high school student's biggest issue is not to won't be conveyed, however nothing expression. Two ear must hear the high school student window external affairs, should have a sense of responsibility to country, society, right all round the opinion that a lot of things that produce have him, hold flame to a lot of newly emerging things. But the thing that present student cares is too little, attend class, the whole life that exam, mark is them, this has the factor of many sided of the school, society of course.

How the high school student should pay close attention to " window external affairs " , where is the brains that abounds oneself? 8 middle school Chinese of city are advanced Zhaoli of pedagogic Shenyang red flag, writer grand wait for students " prescribe " . They think, the student can wait for a way to gather information through newspaper, TV, network, when the care politics, more important is from inside much news the sieve is singled out " heat " , alleged " heat " the incident that echo causes inside period of time socially namely, can " heat " the material that proves as writing, also can be opposite through keeping the kind of essay " heat " make development think.
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