English of the university entrance exam composes countermeasure
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English writing is the university entrance exam be opposite in examination questions the student is opposite harder part, it takes an examination of delve to be born to apply the gift of tongues integratedly.

The scene that examination questions asks examinee basis place gives and requirement keep a written data. But it is not according to " clew " translate sentence by sentence, ask examinee is in however comprehend adequately " clew " below premise, the language form that uses oneself weaves a content contented, language correct, sentence is coherent, write a composition aptly with the word. According to statistic, in last few years Shanghai and countrywide English the university entrance exam coil to be composed mediumly, basically be about writing down the person, narrative, narrative that keeps letter and announcement or the content such as composition seeing a picture, argumentative writing is mixed practical writing.

Narrative asks to take an examination of the circumstance that unripe basis provides in examination paper, organize language material, write existing writings. Say narrative to have time, place, character, incident, reason and result commonly 6 element, should understand to give expression clearly when writing. When remembering a person, the one's lot that wants watchful introduction person, experience and achievement. Narrative when want picture thing to produce the course with development, the casuse and effect that narrates its happening.

Argumentative writing asks examinee passes the means that places put in order of fact, preach to express him view with respect to the problem of some respect. Say argumentative writing article commonly by argument, argument, argumentation 3 parts are formed. Want to accomplish: 1, thesis is not had correctly by accident. 2, argument is reliable and sufficient. Argument can be the truth with accepted people, also can be the classic work through carrying out textual research. 3, argumentation is reasonable and close. The argumentation method with commonly used people has induction, organon, antitheses. Argumentative writing is pressed commonly put forward the problem, analysis problem, logistic order that solves a problem to arrange administrative levels.

English practical writing basically is given priority to with writing a letter. English is epistolary comprise by 6 parts. They are a letter the address inside head, letter, appellation, text, last word, sign. Format must correct. The text of the letter and like writing an article, want section to write, each paragraphs have a clou.

No matter be narrative, argumentative writing or practical writing, in specific writing process we might as well undertake by following order.

Above all, compose a center certainly. According to this center, what does the material that can expand have. Want to avoid to keep the detail that those and central content not matter.

Next, around the center, listed writing outline. Outline must include offers scene point, want to use oneself familiar vocabulary and sentence pattern as far as possible at the same time.
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