Examinee how reasonable him arrangement review time
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To ensure healthy, efficient review, should notice:
1, must have time of strict work and rest, form the rule. Midday as far as possible nap a little while, want all method put an end to insomnia. Inside a month, should adjust time of work and rest as synchronous as examination time.
2, cannot forget in be reviewed tensely exercise, but do not do acuteness exercise.
3, reviewing when feeling tired, do cerebral health care to hold appropriately, be like deep breathing, static heart, crowded wait by relevant point.

The choice eats time optimumly
According to the research result of American scholar, think before the exam half hour takes food commonly most advantageous. The energy that basically wastes because of cerebral cell place basically is dextrose, and the discretion of content of the dextrose in blood and dietary component and eat time to concern. Blood sugar value is in eat second half hour to begin to rise, 1 hour reachs a peak, 2 hour hind are normal.

How to use finite time
1, pack a time
But to our oneself, can be social activity accomplished fewer but better? Go to school, classes are over is journey time OK cannot use in order to strive for a few? If run some defter, or consult to the fellow student that has experience, OK a time in a few sundry " moisture " crowded come out to learn.

Crowded time has various crowded ways. Some people are to follow crowded along with learn, squeeze used immediately piece rise learn a bit; Some people are squeeze the time that give to be accumulated undertake study together - - afternoon after school, road is medium, daily bagatelle, clutch processing, the time that learns in the evening then is crowded came out. This is planted a way that pushs the time that come out to accumulate study it is very good. Be in all in can accumulating the study time that rise, morning and the time in the evening are best, because these two paragraphs of time compare the president, more complete, the environment is quieter, brain regains consciousness quite again, comfortable at reading, think, study an issue. Accordingly, have " a day plan in Yu Chen " , "Hear the dance since chicken " a much-told story; Often also have " the informal essay below the lamp " , " night reads sidelights " the book article of and so on.

Squeezing time aspect, writing concrete number to learn a Yang Le, Zhang Anhou is our example. They for managing the time that reads a newspaper, change the time that having a meal to hear news with the radio, care the affairs of state, and with this him drive; For managing the time that have a meal, when they are drinking hot congee, with bowls of small drunk way. Such crowded time, saying to go up really is time of cherish cent second, pity.

Cite the case of a crowded time again. Want to began to learn for instance, good not easy static beside desk next hearts come, do not discover an important reference book is absent a little while at hand, must have turned round to look for a book; The rule that discovers feigned trade picture is used again a little while, compasses disappeared... such 0 broken broken ground wasted many time, some are good at squeezing the classmate of time quite, before beginning to learn first the reference book that should use in study, exercise this, the preparation such as stationery gets everything needed is ready, lest suffer,delay, managing a study of more time in order to. ⒉ makes full use of scattered time, for instance, the break between two classes, take a rest besides brief ground, refection gets up steam beyond, can in time the ground reviews note of attend a lecture, the content that consolidates place is acquired, deepen understanding, manage clear clew; Will a few need to often be remembered, the formula that remembers repeatedly, word write down in facilitate be being installed on the small card that carry, use queue up, wait for the time space such as the car to be taken clutch study (the note of loose-leaf type also has study effect likewise) ; Also stick by the side of the mirror of the washroom in returning somebody to be in the home also these card, wash gargle to learn at the same time at the same time... the example of this kind of type, too numerous to mention one by one. Many a little makes a mickle, accumulate axil to become a fur coat, if we can have made full use of the leftover material of these time, regular meeting achieves the result that expect is less than. If do not try to use, will be a very big loss. Saying path: "A inch of time a inch of gold, money can't buy time. " scattered time, also be valuable time, put the past, also be " when come no longer " . Let we are cherished and make full use of scattered time! ⒊ is reasonable control and use time. Here basically discusses the principle that controls a few fundamentality that use time:
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