2 physics learn skill first
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Big In Small The study of one grade already made junior high in the past, new school year has begun. In one school year of future, you should continue not only one grade already opened junior high school curricular study, still will add a new curriculum -- physics. You are in the content in this course elementary school " natural " had contacted in the class, different is elementary school " natural " what involve in the class is very common and very easy to read and understand physics knowledge, and be learn with the intellectual lump of other and relevant course. The physical course that junior high school offers is the fundamental physics course of simple, system.
Want to learn an any course, should have those who suit oneself, good study method, only such ability can get the study result of get twice the result with half the effort. Want to learn physical lesson, want to take the transverse and related action of each course seriously above all, for instance: The reads ability to affect physical knowledge directly study of Chinese and the understanding degree to physical concept; Mathematical knowledge is purposeful in physical class migratory applying even if the computational ability in physical study. The 2nd should taking physics seriously is an experiment science, the observation ability that wants conscious, him education that has a cause and experiment operate ability, and the scientific manner of be practical and realistic. The 3rd should take seriously independence is established to think in group study process, the consciousness of analysis, Baconian conclusion, want ego to develop good independent operation ability. The 4th uncharted territory that should take him exploration seriously to learn road to go up, learn scientific exploration, rigorous analysis is the golden key of the door that opens uncharted territory. How to learn from good examples below 2 physics offer a few proposals first.

1. learns to use physical textbook

What is the entire content that should class of physics of junior high school learn? The what part in course of physics of junior high school should 2 physics class learn first? What can the teacher on physical class tell first, hind what to tell? To new-blown a course, the meeting in the brain of classmates has a chain of unsolved problem, and think very much know the answer. This is not difficult, as learning process every problem can get the result. The key is to serve as a student, it is passive ground awaits the result, active still search goes seeking the solution, yes! It is to do latter of course.

Term begins first, every classmate can get the textbook of each course, first the nature in the student hand of 2 can be compared first temporarily of many our need " physics " textbook. Open textbook, the answer of the certain and easy to read and understand problem of classmates is before. Physical textbook is the basis that we study physics, it is the guide that classmates study physics. Before the society passes a tax, classmates should see physical textbook and teacher of class hour of the physics on understanding wants the content that interpret, know to go up physical class hour, learn link what to listen to in the light of place, make learning process is purposeful behavior. Through physical textbook looking as the teacher's guiding in the class, achieve the goal of point of cognitive knowledge, understanding knowledge. Through physical textbook looking after the class, achieve review consolidate knowledge, learn initial application knowledge to solve the purpose of the problem.
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