Does composition careful inscribe careful what?
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To propositional composition, careful problem is crucial one annulus.

Careful is inscribed even if be before start writing, do research one time to composition title, make clear thoroughly thematic meaning. Analyse thematic meaning and requirement seriously namely, the limits of stylistic, select material that decides an article thereby, clou and writing method are waited a moment.

The writing of student of junior high school practices and in taking an examination of a composition is propositional composition mostly, just inscribe purpose form varied stopped.

Some titles can raise word number and stylistic requirement explicitly. Be like: " wayside bagatelle " the narrative that writes a not less than 600 words. Or " such doing be opposite? " write left and right sides of a 600 words please, the article that comment gives priority to. This kind of title, need to see clear title demand only.

Some titles give a range only. For instance: " my... " , " interesting... " or " person has good qualities fault each. Pass please or a few things write an advantage that gives his or demerit. " resembles this kind of title, need when careful is inscribed multi-purpose head, what material to choose? How many word to write? What kind of theme to voice? ...

Return some likelihoods to give you a picture or a group of pictures, perhaps be an essay. A narrative or argumentative writing are written after letting you look.

Although the title is multifarious, but proposition is the pattern with have it regular however, grasped propositional pattern, careful title is much lighter.

We part to study its law from the propositional means of different style below.

1. The propositional means of narrative basically has the following kinds

(1) the name of the main figure that uses article narrate is propositional. Be like: " Copernicus " , " of Zu Chong " .

(2) the main incident that uses article narrate makes headline. Be like: " meadow dinner " , " cent horse " . (3) the incident that uses article narrate is propositional. Be like: " a precious shirt " , " dig shepherd's purse " .

(4) the time that happens with the incident of narrate or place make headline. Be like: " old hill bound " , " birthplace " .

(5) content of choose and employ persons and incident make headline. Be like: " rash town of the fist that carry administer closes on the west " , " case of calabash of calabash monk judgement " .

(6) containing apparent term to make clear is narrative. Be like: " peach blossom source is written down " , " the vegetable garden is little write down " , " write down a filature " .

Anyhow, the title of narrative or indicate time, or indicate place, or indicate character, incident, or contain " to remember " word.

2. The propositional way that says proclaimed in writing basically has two kinds

(1) with the specification the object makes headline. Be like " Chinese stone arch bridge " , " grand people congress hall " , " Suzhou gardens " .
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