Learn regular the four fundamental operations of arithmetic
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The first go to school cultivates the truth to be in cerebrum (applied rule)

Some classmates do not know first impressions are strongest have the law, what do not know the first times to study the effect that studies to sequel is big, to the first study is held in the arms with indifferent manner, this created an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage of first impressions are strongest to the mistake.
Learn so generally, dou Jixi looks after the class, place a hope at the fault change again, this is an error of study. Because, wrong change again more severalfold to should going out hard than just beginning go to school and even a few times. A few elderly people study " learn " the word is read " Xi รก O " , all one's life correct hard, it is the impression because of the mistake already first impressions are strongest.

Accomplish go to school the first times to be opposite, should make great efforts from two respects,

1. Before the class sufficient prepare lessons before class.

2. Energy is concentrated on the class. Undertake like new learning level sex is reviewed the mistake is eradicated in cerebrum (applied rule)

No matter how notice, hard to avoid produces a mistake when the first study. When level sex is reviewed, must not be opposite these wrong turn a blind eye to, and should survey all knowledge in that way like the first study.

Level sex is reviewed, repeat simply not be pair of original knowledge, be in however correct an error, deepen those who know a foundation to go up to rise.

It is very difficult that this kind rises, be just like is the examination before the hand in an examination paper when the exam, of original fault check hard however come out. Why? Because although wrong, people is used to stepping down along the first wrong train of thought however.

Look, the best method when level sex is reviewed treats him as namely whats do not understand, like the first study undertakes be knowinged again to old knowledge in that way, avoided one fault so again wrong, achieved the goal that raise.

The stand or fall that level sex reviews is OK ego feels. If you were full of dated feeling, prove you wander on original standard; If you experienced strange feeling, discovered an error, corrected an error, deepened understanding, widened range, review be a success with respect to what prove you.

First easy hind difficult start stage by stage (understanding rule)

Cerebrum needs to start, as our body.

On gym, before training formally, the teacher lets the warm-up that we do a few minutes first. Warm-up is not core content, it is necessary content however. Without warm-up, incommensurate high strenth trains.

Warm-up is easy, excel in training is difficult. First easy hind those who be a hard job to is to start. Started process is by the process with arrive easily bad.

The activity of cerebrum also is such. Begin from easy place everyday, pass the excitement after the success, give cerebrum with drive, can make it is started rise; Conversely, begin from difficulty, cerebrum is immersed in possibly restrain.
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