Wang Yingqian
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Number: 9944 Full name: Wang Yingqian
Sexual distinction: Female age: 20
Grade: Big 2 post: Student
Place university / unit: Institute of bridge of ferry of college of Kunming grain industry
Professional: English
Teacher classification: Foreign language kind
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: English, chinese
Comfortable teach an object: Elementary school, junior high school
Specialty: Be good at be being communicated with the person, have patience
Significant time: Price of 2000 days of requirements: 15-20
Family education experience: Without
Distinct advantage: Arrive from junior high school high school my English result is very right, because achievement is outstanding, get so of the teacher go back on his word in person, what do classmates have not to understand, also like to ask me very much, I can explain them to listen with straightaway means, also got so of the classmate love. In English study respect I have my distinctive method, can yield English result flatly the student has very big rise.
Complement explains: Although I had not made normal teaching in home before, but in the home when also had had coach the experience of little younger sister of little younger brother, I believe I can be competent this job!

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