Peng Xiaohong
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Number: 9949 Full name: Peng Xiaohong
Sexual distinction: Female age: 23
Grade: One grade post: Student
Place university / unit: Yunnan Normal University
Professional: Art learns
Teacher classification: Artistic kind, normal school is taught kind
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: Art, english
Comfortable teach an object: Elementary school, junior high school, high school
Specialty: English
Significant time: Price of 2000 days of requirements: Do not be restricted
Family education experience: Arrived 7 years in September in October, in Chengdu fierce Hou high middle school () of school of province key art, right tall one, gao Sanxue is born into colour of circumstances or style of departure, sketch coachs. Achievement rises remarkable, proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade has greatly rise.
6 years of summer vacation, to junior high school, pupil coachs into travel family education.

Distinct advantage: English is better, play game of speech of blame English major 5 years, win first prize, go to the school taking part in the match on behalf of the courtyard.

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