Chen Miao
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Number: 9945 Full name: Chen Miao (13888257887)
Sexual distinction: Male age: 25
Grade: Grind 2 post: Student
Place university / unit: Yunnan university
Professional: Numerical analysis
Teacher classification: The computer kind
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: High school counts manage to change first, english
Comfortable teach an object: Junior high school, high school, grow up
Specialty: Play basketball
Significant time: Price of 15 days of requirements: Do not be restricted
Family education experience: Once held the position of family education of the high school at the beginning of much cent, fall with the student's joint efforts, the student's achievement has bigger rise, what grow excellently is general agree. What taking course also is to pervade almost science department each division. (Phone: 13888257887)
Distinct advantage: This person university undergraduate course also is to read Yu Yunna university, have certain knowledge to each schools of Yunnan, be in Yunnan university at 2007.3-2007.4 school of accessary foreign language jackarooes.
Complement explains: Expect your credit! (Native place: Jing?

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