Again rich cannot rich child!
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"Cannot teach thoroughly thoroughly again, cannot suffer from the child again painstakingly. " saying of ad of this one commonweal is thorough already nowadays popular feeling. Be worth what carry is, the original idea of this word is to should endeavor to optimize educational environment, improve education condition. In fact, nowadays is in a few progressively and rich the area that rise, be in especially a few wealthy families, condition of the life of children, study already was not former times comparing today, not be too poor however too good, the good charming that get arrogant 2 gas day is great, do not think enterprising day very, your a man of insight must exclamation: ⒆ of delay of lofty of barren of hesitating of bully tomb figure?"

And do not say the meal comes dehisce, eat energy of not tire of; The clothes will stretch one's hand, wear not tire of new, the high-grade with each passing day study articles for use that sheet says to these rich children are used nowadays, make a person quite be left speechless with wonder or fear: 40 yuan of suit activity pencil accept favour fully, 50 yuan of writing case still are belonged to common, 200 yuan of small satchel are no wonder, 300 yuan of a series of books also common occurance. Introduce according to bazaar assistant, the price is high nowadays not slow-moving, bargain pours rare person make inquires, high-grade change already became " vogue " .

Stationery is high-grade, study result can subsequently and go up? The young parents with a few easy skill thinks, standard of living rose now, cannot let the child resemble his again absolutely in one's childhood in that way " bear hardships " , other child some, oneself child also must have. Little imagine, such doing not only not be love child, look from long-term point of view, killed the child instead. The rudiment that forms in child personality period, set a few barriers appropriately, let them suffer some of setback, spend some of money less, move more start work, the consciousness with self-made escalate, it is the true love to the child, be those who give the child is lifetime fortune of spirit of benefit from never-failing. Such, the child experiences life hardship not easy, cherish parental work achievement, arouse bear hardships enterprising spirit, greatest to its future be apt to Yan. The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of American oil magnate overcomes phenanthrene to strap is the owns property of 1 billion dollar the earliest tycoon on the world, but he gets stuck very closely however to filial pin money. Plastic king king always celebrates Taiwan requirement child sleeps early rise early, must not spend 1 minute of money in disorder. So rich door is cold religion, your person attacks a section to had said.

Cheng Youqin frugal is defeated by excessive, stop excessive is become from junior only then. Parenting person become rich with one's shoulder to collar, delectable but congratulate; But child in case also follows " rich rise " , have to cause the vigilance of people.
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