Is the child corrupt how to play to do?
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Believe a lot of parents and teacher had hurt a god for such phenomenon: A lot of children are had an insatiable desire for all the day play, halfhearted to learning fine long hair, cannot learn self-consciously, even if in supervisory case falls, always also be absent-minded look around. So, how to treat this kind to have an insatiable desire for play, do not love the child of study? It is a few answer measure below, the hope can give you certain inspiration and help.

One, the study interest that develops the child.

Learning interest is the motor that makes child consciousness learn, interest is best teacher. If the child generates strong interest to learning, they won't regard study as naturally drudgery. We often see, some children are right computer very have fun at, he is willing to read the book of a lot of computer respects self-conscious and actively, have an insatiable desire for the characteristics that play to be able to have very big improvement. Accordingly, the parent and teacher should seek the interest seat that discovers the child often, try to guide and be fostered, the healthy become a useful person of stimulative child.

2, the flavor that makes child savor successful.

A lot of children do not love the reason of study, because study always fails,be more, exam achievement always is inferior to a person. Accordingly, should from the child set out actually, study a target appropriately certainly for the child, give cogent and effective help, such children can achieve the goal that he can achieve through effort, gain successful experience. Successful experience meets incentive child again continuity tries hard, make he progresses ceaselessly.

3, foster attention as a child.

Children does not love to learn to often be differred with its attention about. Classroom education asks attention maintains 20 minutes at least, some children can notice a few minutes centrally only however, a lot of content were not heard when " absquatulate " , did not understand, result grade is poor, lose confidence and interest to learning gradually, do not love to learn then. Want to foster the child's attention as a child so. Inherent attention does not center some children, this needs the parent's long-term effort.

4, learn what intensity cannot exceed the child to bear ability.

A lot of parents hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut, arrange family education and take lessons after school or work again after child class, want to borrow this to get raising the goal of child achievement, produce the disastrous effect that gives birth to get half the result with twice the effort very easily so actually. The content that the child learns in the school is quite much already, plus the additional study of a few hours, can exceed its to bear ability. Classroom of this kind of "- - the strange feeling that the relay study of domestic type " often makes the child loses right study, begin to be tired of study.

5, teach by word of mouth of overweight of teaching by one's own example.
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