How to do a good parent
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Coordination Committee of job of countrywide teenager children issues initiate instrument, the appeal is begun in the whole nation argue the activity that becomes good parent, raised 5 levels for the activity:

1, the thought morality quality that improves oneself hard, make good example of children.

2, the activity that attends parent school actively, study cradles, the education, scientific knowledge that teachs children.

3, cherish children, patience is revulsive, not indulge, not coddle, do not beat and scold.

4, cooperate the school actively (child-care centre, nursery school) the society has education to children, the parent that is in a country should assure enter a school of children of of the right age.

5, education children heart, wisdom, body, beautiful, fatigue develops in the round.

At this late hour, this initiate appearance already passed ten years, parents also pay close attention to the child's education more, think a child pressingly to train a become a useful person, but, while the parent teachs the child actively, children also raised a requirement to the parent.

1996 " Chinese woman signs up for " organized " middle and primary school gives birth to 8 big trouble " social investigation, among them " the think of a way that how don't I know to speak me to parents? " occupy " the parent cannot understand me " this one 33.7 % , head the list. It is next " the result that the parent knows to care me only. " " the thing parent that I think to do always does not let me do " , "Parents does not believe me " etc, these problems were mirrorred lack is communicated between the parent and child, parents think him hardship earns money, satisfied the child's requirement in every respect, had been a good parent, but children are more than however to the requirement of love these, they need the parent more understanding.

Ci of American scholar Ni He ever investigated 100 thousand children at this point, they raised various requirements to the parent, among them, have have 10 representatively:

1, the child is attendant, parents does not quarrel;

2, should give same love to every child;

3, between parents mutual and self-effacing, forgive each other;

4, any moment, parents does not lie to the child;

5, the relationship that should keep close between parents and child;

6, the child's friend comes when be a guest, parents should express to welcome;

7, the question that raises to the child, parents should give as far as possible answer;

8, before child friend, parents does not say the child's mistake;

9, the advantage that the attention observes and praises the child, stress the child's shortcoming not overly;

10, want to stabilize to the child's love, do not get angry at will.

Although existing,western country is in east on the means of breeding child difference, but it is same to the child's love. These two are initiated, it is requirement parents set oneself an example to others, have the effect of example. Educational expert closed Hong Yu to introduce to lead to 3 shortcut of child heart for parents: Understand the child, understand their psychology; Society " psychological conversion " ; Often recall oneself childhood, maintain a childlike innocence.
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