When you want to get angry to the child
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The child one every day grown, also become every day more individualize, sometimes the issue that they can make a few take offense letting a person. Parents often does not dominate a sentiment, right child have a fit. Although people more and more object the parent getting angry to the child, but up to now, the National People's Congress that can accomplish incorrect child to get angry is very few without exception, it is especially after your be good at teaching, face still when the child of persist one's old ways, parents more the anger in restraining a heart.

Father, mom is right now and then it is normal that the child gets angry, but sum up before the experience of a lot of father, mom, before you want to get angry, notice the following clew please.

Make clear nitty-gritty criticizes again: Did not misunderstand the child because of our carelessness.

Do not compare other child to criticize: The attention protects the child's proper pride.

The accident criticizes in time at that time: Let the child know the fault is in where.

Situation wants severe criticism badly: It is Buddhist monastic discipline with this, put an end to recommit.

The criticism of consider sth as it stands: Not broaden the scope, do not bring up old scores again.

Taking the anteprandial, criticism when having a meal: Critical purpose is not to do not let the child have a meal.

Do not do overall to deny the criticism of formulary: Do not make the child feels him without a single redeeming feature.

Criticize individually as far as possible: To the child with strong proper pride this is met more effective.

Family attitude criticizes consistently: Make the child establishs clear dispute sense.

Do not bring the criticism of individual mood: Avoid to harm the child overly already, after also avoiding, you repent unceasingly.