One parent hires Hunan of loneliness of son dense bad family education " lie bot
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Gentleman of king of in relief city of Hunan Province Shao sees son dense bad does not consider study, play one's best card, expenditure 6000 multivariate asked a teacher to insert a son to be in class " lie bottom " accompany read.

Live in water of Shao Yang city Shao Mr Wang of the road is the urban district on the west the teacher of a middle school, the wife is a doctor, domestic economic atmosphere is pretty good. Of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is, year only son Wang Xiaoquan of 13 years old (alias) get online madly, often do not take classroom study, ask for trouble, study grade is poor. Mr Wang is at a loss what to do to this.

This year March, he is informed this city to have one from the newspaper place is special accompany protect the school, can 24 hours round-the-clock coach, educational student, be overjoyed. He finds school chief, put forward " special accompany read " requirement. He and school agree: "The school sends an appropriate teacher to insert a son to be in class to accompany with student status read, forbid to reveal pedagogic identity, want to make friend with the son, if Wang Xiaoquan wants to get online, also want to go a few times accordingly, but must guide him to go road. But must guide him to go road..

On March 8, should accompany protect the school to single out year only pedagogic Liu Guohua of 20 years old inserts Wang Xiaoquan to be in first some 3 are accompanied read. Liu Guohua is informed Wang Xiaoquan to have quite after sympathizing with a heart, pretending is the student that comes from a country, rent the home now, got Wang Xiaoquan sympathize with. The Liu Guohua with ball pretty good ability still accompanies the Wang Xiaoquan that likes to play a ball game to play a ball game constantly. Slowly, wang Xiaoquan and his " classmate " Liu Guohua became a friend. Accompany read many days 10 to come, liu Guohua discovers Wang Xiaoquan is much more optimistic, study interest also rises gradually.

Look at a son to develop to good way gradually, mr Wang is very glad, he says: "Now singleton female much, easy and dissocial loneliness, if do not guide the child with this kind of special kind, after a few years he is possible go astray. After a few years he is possible go astray..