Intense proposal cancels the student learning calculator of elementary school ju
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Holiday encounters a preparation to rise first the student of 4, coach become a subject about gravity, foregone the quality of a wooden case is 50kg, invariable G=9.8N/kg, how much is the gravitational G that tries wooden case, this student lists very quickly 9.8N/kg= of Χ of G=mg=50kg calculating type, came here to won't be done, when requirement cipher out is numeric, say to use a calculator, and calculation of the form that use vertical stroke is, calculate at all however do not come out, the teacher is directive and listed after calculating type, one pace teachs his to calculate, amazed however discovery, this classmate is met far from however, when asking its how much 5*6 is equal to, say not to come out for a long time, must train to be about to rise the student of 4 is recited first small 99.

From this I remembered the physical class in high school to go up, when encountering computation, learn this rooted calculating not to come out, perhaps calculate very slow, if leave a student (it is a few students of fast class, be in with age in the before should be hundred student of 30) a physics problem, ask to list among them following F=GM calculating type1M2/ R2=6.67*108*3.45*1011*8.74*1012/ 5.62*1015= ? Actual condition is not to give a student hint, also do not give a student guidance, leave him student to do, whole class 68 people, 6 people are less than in what do inside 10 minutes, 20 minutes do be less than 20 people, and 16 people are not done at all with the calculator do not come out.

Regard teacher of science of a high school as me to this kind of phenomenon feel bemused, why to arrive high school computational ability of the student is so poor, didn't so simple computation capability need after inventing a calculator? Go into the street buy dish to want to put a calculator? Can say with adversary in intense negotiation, do I go back calculate reply again?

I think we should pay attention to the training of the computational ability of dot, the debt that does not owe the child again. After the Great Cultural Revolution, always say educational bills due is too much, this basically is to point to economically on living conditions and the respect such as thought education is too much to child bills due, should cause our attention. I see the attention that the education of ability of this kind of computation is not worth bills due to should cause us more now, who can imagine, an adult won't be simple small 99 computation, in any circumstances the person that the hand takes a calculator to follow person deal can become a what kind of trader, the respect of how many adversary can such boss get? Can such person become a boss?
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