The school is blade, the family is the steel on blade
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Although school education should not be dominant, but also should be not ignored absolutely -- what the person that those teach oneself a grow into useful timber often brings about him child as a result of the bias to the school is incompetent -- these people the bias to the school, bend collects pair of education despise going up is incorrect, although they are the victims of the school, but the benefit that is domestic education however person -- the mother that values education also should not despise the school, and the assistant that should regard it as oneself -- the harmony that the mother needs between family and school.

In human past, because intellectual systematization is insufficient, a bit sciential mother can act as the child's teacher. But, already debutted in information freeway today, make a mother appropriative still the times of a of the child omnipotent teacher appears to had been gone forever. The probability that stands domestic education to be able to succeed only in that way like Pascal, Mu Le is smaller and smaller, the think of a way that the sort of illusion can build child life mansion by his both hands only also appears more and more appear innocent. The part that acts as in child knowledge education as a result of the school is more and more important, this should know pair of children to undertake inchoate intelligence is taught not only with respect to requirement mother, and do not know how to undertake with school education educationally is coordinated.

In treat learning on this problem, our parents often shows two kinds of extremes, one kind is a child carte blanche that we had criticized in front give the school, what does parents assume to teach responsibility again scarcely, the child's stand or fall also depends on the education of the school, this is us at present the practice of great majority parents, the inadequacy of this kind of practice we had been discussed in detail in front.

Our parents treats another kind of extreme of school manner to think the school is useless namely, because this is not added,take seriously. This kind of circumstance can be divided again for following two sort, because oneself does not have good impression to school education,a kind of type is, even the blow object that oneself is school education. They can grow into useful timber, say the result that is school education with its, be inferior to saying is the result that they teach oneself. Because they were full of bias to the school, to the school of own child education does not add a care naturally, its have unexpectedly as a result comparatived to the offspring of one part worthy is this and forfeit their talent, incompetent the lifetime that the ground spent them.

Churchill is a person that does not have good impression to the school, also do not talk naturally to go up to take what the school teachs seriously, more the harmony that does not talk to go up to be taught with the school. He has one child 3 female, when Churchill of path husband · is 4 son human relations years old because rich love and went up newspaper, pope was known when ten years old, churchill ever ten cent great say: "He can become a great man, " do his utmost to try to give aid to, and his son also complacent, preparation wins bigger honor for the family. What can regret is, churchill taught the manner that object to affect his son to the school, lun Daofu leaves school before long into Oxford come out ground of too impatient to wait devotes into politics. Because did not learn deeply to raise,reach experience support, gained extremely finite success only finally, became to help the Liu Adou that does not rise up, because,be in when he is 57 years old excessive drink to cause liver cirrhosis and die. Be in allegedly his finally in a few years, because excessive drinking is mixed,eat and drink too much let him become fat, bald, resemble the son that is Churchill far from it seems that, and more smaller than Churchill like not little brother of a few years old. 3 his daughters also won't do implement, big daughter dies in the suicide when he is 88 years old, another daughter Sara ever was publishing circumstance drunk wine a few degrees and be arrested...
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