70% parent does not know family education
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The researcher king Bao Xiangtong that Beijing teachs scientific institute investigates discovery too, majority parent knows family education far from! The family of 70% teachs existence error!

At present the cent of means cardinal principle of parent certainly child is 3 kinds: It is ancestral, how does father mother teach me, how do I teach the child; The 2nd kind is optional, ask for a favor comes, remember one is; The 3rd kind is to pass study, think, sum up oneself experience. The 3rd kind of parent is occupied about 30% . Today's child lives in open environment, in the child's eye, the parent is all-purpose no longer. Before knowledge the parent and child stand on same scratch line. So the parent says: "Think certainly child does not have a bit skill to still be no good really today. " pardonable " Ha Fo's girl " , " Cantabrigian boy " and so on is regarded as " Ji of military accomplishment secret " contend for grab. A lot of parents by these " talent " of the child " talent " achievement is excited, the hope spends 20 money to read a book, oneself child also can " the Ha Fo on light relaxed pine " . But the canal does not come out the parent ignored good child, however a kind of good educational environment edification comes out.

Wang Baoxiang says, "Family education has an error, directive family education cannot have an error. " either each child is a talent, but each child can grow up. Psychological research tells us the child of 3 millesimals is high intelligence quotient, of 3 millesimals is low intelligence quotient, other is normal child. No matter be aimed at which kind of children, education is not all-purpose. Doing not have a book is educational Bible, the key is him collimate the child's position, place orthodoxy Yo state of mind. If economic condition allows, the parent is OK according to situation of child seed time, specific aim ground asks a family education to give lessons alone for the child, can in time complement on one hand defective knowledge, strengthen the interest of child learning and confidence; Can correct the child on the other hand habit of not undesirable study, make he masters accurate study method, learn relaxed and happily.

Hope children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng this is to came 100000 the pursuit of countless parents, any good child back have successful parent, good family education, because he has the culture with much higher much higher diploma,not be, inspect the child to teach because of attaching most importance to however, educational do sth in the proper way, other people of benefit of salutary influence of education is fine breathed!