How to just calculate to the child " severe "
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How to just calculate to the child " severe "

Ask strictly to the child, this is a when the family teachs vital principle. Must accomplish:
Father and justifiable

The requirement that parents raises to children wants accord with reason, avoid by all means abuses parent authority.

2 severe and in the right way

Educational children should pay attention to means method, avoid by all means is simple, crude and beat and scold.

3 father and have degree

Want to hold measure according to difference of feature of psychology of child age characteristic, individual character, avoid by all means follow one's inclinations or those who lose contact with reality is exorbitant requirement.

4 father and have case

The requirement that raise wants clear, specific, make the child clear what should do, how to do, pay attention to method, experience, rule namely, platitude of avoid by all means, empty and homiletic.

5 severe and orderly

Parental two pairs asks femaly, want by low to tall, by arrive less much, by it is difficult to arrive easily, by arrive nearly far, successive, progressively aggrandizement, take a sudden turn of avoid by all means, take shortcut.

6 severe and preserving

Accomplish first and last, unremitting, shi Song is tightened when avoid by all means, ignore cold heat up suddenly, more cannot issue an order in the morning and rescind it in the evening.