The teaching in home that rich Lan Kelin gets
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Rich Lan Kelin (1706, 1790) , 18 centuries United States' greatest scientist, famous politician and writer. He has done the test of resounding world, revealed the secret of thunder; Invented street lamp; Improve the stowage of freight; Sericiculture of mulberry of proposal America establish; Return the Chinese rhubarb seed that produces China, send in American biologist; He still was designed a kind of myopia and presbyopic the double smooth glasses that closes to go up in a lens... the scientific achievement of rich Lan Kelin makes he becomes the on science history times great person that gets respect. The portraiture with his the truest lifetime is a word that he himself has said, "Honesty and diligence, should become your permanent partner. " Kang De (French philosopher) had said, "Rich Lan Kelin is the 2nd Prometheus from ethereal theft live cinders kept for starting a new fire. "Rich Lan Kelin is the 2nd Prometheus from ethereal theft live cinders kept for starting a new fire..
Benjamin the Bostonian city that · rich Lan Kelin is born in city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa, the author that he regards one master home, inventor, humour as Great Master and commonweal career and renown raise world, be true name hangs down the great person of through the ages. He has gone up two years to learn only, was awarded degree of Master of Arts by haing Buddha university, Yale however. He discovered electric principle, invented a lot of things, up to now benefit at the mankind. Police station, fire department, library was established to wait in town in the ability below his tentative idea. An one's previous experience ofs low station, 10 years old of factitious what that suspend school work can gain so great success? This and his father is right he in one's childhood education is not divided.

"Small Bain, do you hope what to gift receive? " christmas was gotten on for, benjamin the father of · rich Lan Kelin, · rich Lan Kelin is calling Qiaosaiya the son's nickname, touching the hair of his gold yellow, care ground asks.

"Satchel, I want satchel! " ground of Benjamin truly thinking replies.

"Satchel? " this but beyond of father unexpected.

"Father, if I had satchel, also can go to school in that way like Ji Mei! " the face that the child is visitting father, the ray of the hope is given out in the eye.

"Ah, the child... " old rich Lan Kelin does not know how to reply, sighed deeply.

Benjamin is Fu Lanke a son with Home Lin the youngest, the face of round circle, keen eye, strong body. He and other child are same, love skips love jumps, piquant and naughty. But he loves to read more. Although he ability is 7 years old, but can have read general book, the book on father bookshelf, he is read completely almost. He still can write smallish poetry, and in the letter that once attached the poem in father to write, send, get of the uncle praise.

His father is the businessman of a management candle and soap, migrated from England 1685 America, in Bostonian settle. Family member mouth is much, although father works conscientiously, also can make only wife do not suffer aspic to starve.
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