The child has what hope to parents
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Parents and child want very good communication, important what is should knowing the child namely to parental expectation, this is very important, because once the child thinks,you are him (she) the parents in ideal, he (she) meet more trustful you, accept your certainly more self-consciously. Say roughly, the child basically is like below a few respects to parental expectation,

1, children hope parents the interest that can care or can appreciate them and hobby. When the child talks about a certain topic to ground of parental take delight in talking about, parents should not treat it with dim manner, if the child tells about him in what be in hight spirits (her) with run of contest of other little girl, when how contending for good place, you should speak to it with the manner that be very interested. And cannot say merely, "Knew " .

2, children hope parents is with his child contented, always not be the child of home of complimentary before the child when oneself others, let the child feel he is redundant, parents does not like him at all.

3, children hope parents often is joy, humorous, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is full of in the home, is not the mother always is anxious of a few accidents, there always is face when father comes off work.

4, the age that children hope parents presses him and actual condition will raise a requirement, always do not regard them as the child that whats do not know, also do not measure them with adult standard. Want to make their experience in oneself and mistake medium learn slowly, foster them, good eye, cut it is not total before them confused confused be favored with, perpetual.

5, children hope parental answer is affirmation, cannot chop and change, although you give the child's answer,be " not " , but you should let the child know, you consider through, do not say anyhow. And, you still should be told to the child clear, why to reject him (her) . Such, although the child temporarily grouchy, but can go very quickly.

6, the tide that the child hopes parents complies with a times, not by rule, lockstep, know to be in contemporary what is appropriate, good, what is improper, shocking. Do not take a tradition, the behavior that old set pattern will come to to restrain the child.

7, child hope parents can be complimentary before kin, friend they.

8, the child often hopes parents is not selfishness. Can push their kind, joy, mercy reach neighbour and all people that contact with them.

9, the interest of child hope parents is to be in Bai Ji family not only, still ought to care oneself kin, friend.

10, children hope parents is respected each other, is not mutual attack, each other are hostile to.