Huang Yan earths up the maxim that writes a son
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Huang Yan is earthed up, our country famous educationist. Before one's death, he wrote a maxim to the son: "Manage is begged surely true, the thing is begged surely is; Character needs be as good as one's word, be free from anxiety surely all right; Work spare time not barren, the thing is numerous not confused; Have Yan Bixin, without desire firm; If spring breeze, respectful is like Qiu Shuang; Take an elephant at money, outside inside the circle square. " begin 4, he admonishs son, be an upright person must seek the truth, not by the fallacy place temptation with miscellaneous confused, down to go astray. Everything wants hunting above all its immanent objective law sex, by objective and actual go doing. The speech ought to keep good faith, the action should be free from anxiety, not flirtatious.

Among 4 are daily to the son requirement. Work spare time when, the abuse with lazy languid of the easiest nurturance, want alarm him plan, hold time, assiduous and diligent, do not out of practice learn; The thing is busy multifarious when, give birth to anxious mood easily, one impatient the thing that can do fall vacant little reason because of impulse comes, must sober and ad cool-headed, avoid by all means hurriedly. Talking count others can believe, can become without selfish desire upright, one is assured and bold with justice.

Finally 4, meaningful. He asks the son treats like-minded affability, warm like spring breeze person; To hellion evildoing resembles Qiu Shuang same swift and fierce. On principle dispute, should be clear about what to love and what to hate, cannot amphibolous. Knot sentence with " ancient money " outside just compare inside the circle, requirement son appearance is amiable, inside in solemn and just, the style with nurturance careful modesty, do not want make a showy display of one's abilities, thrusting.

Yellow these 12 old words, elaborated deeply be an upright person due accomplishment.